[MM]IKKE's Map Making Tutorial
(03-01-2015, 09:42 AM)Wagonr401 Wrote: Open up your ban dispute at http://bans.sumoserv.com/
None of your reasons would be listened to (i.e. ignored) anywhere except in your own dispute.

I've updated the thread slightly.

14th March 2015 - by RDL
  • Changed all links to SumoServ.com instead of jServers.info
  • Added details for automatic vehicle generation by map generator.
  • Added details of RemoveBuildingForPlayer
  • Updated important settings
  • Detailed new advanced settings since last update by IKKE
  • General updates and rewording
Also this changelog is in the original post at the bottom with the rest of the changelog.

Note that this is still somewhat outdated, but now details some of the bigger changes, especially the option for automated generation of vehicles.

Also as people keep asking, yes, all my maps are done using jSMap, VehCreator, and JernejLs editor for RemoveBuildingForPlayer (Roadways). I don't use MTA, or ever have. Generally speaking it takes me about 5 to 60 minutes to spit out a map.
For those who use rdlMap (was jSMap), I have updated it. It will now autosave the map you're working on every two minutes.

Autosave maps will be named as AUTOSAVE_{bunchofnumbers}.txt - the numbers represent the current timestamp. The highest the number the newer it is. /save still works as normal, and will save using the name you chose. This will prevent too much loss should your accidentally exit the server, or it crashes or some other thing goes on.

The latest is available in the usual place, http://sumoserv.com/map/rdlMap.amx - If you're not sure if you have the latest one, when you've loaded it it will give the date and version as v1.4 [15/08/15]
For those who use rdlMap (was jSMap), I've updated it with some useful things.

Added /repair to fix your vehicle, it'll also flip it if its upside down.
Added /repair & /jetpack to the /help command
Max objects is now 500 instead of 300.

Replace the file locally to use the new version, it should appear as 1.5 (20/11/15 if updated right) when loaded. Do not reload whilst you're actually making a map, as reloading will reset your objects. If you want to use the new version on a map you're currently making, then /savemap, copy the contents of the file into the gamemode you're using under OnGameModeInit, and they'll load when you change map. Just remember to put them back into one file for when you submit it.

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