Map Generator Update
The map generator has been updated to 1.0.3
  • Removed MAP_TIMEOUT setting. As its now forced to 15 minutes.
  • Advanced Setting Update
    • SUDDEN_DEATH = If 0, then disabled. If 1, then vehicles are given about 300 health, one to two hits will kill it.
    • MAX_Z = How high someone can go before they get eliminated for going too high. (-0.1 = disabled, any other will be taken as a valid max height) Remember - Some vehicles, such as Packers can help users get to higher areas
    • FIRE_TRUCK_RESCUE_AMT = This is the amount by which being saved from fire by a S.W.A.T or water based Firetruck will heal you by. They only heal you if you're on fire, else they have no effect. This only works if you have ENABLE_FIRE_TRUCK_RESCUE enabled.
  • The /zcheck on the test engine has been updated so that if MAX_Z is not -0.1, it will also tell you wether you're above or below the MAX_Z, not just Z_FALLOFF.
  • Corrected some errors that may cause compilation problems for some users.
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