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Admin previously spoken to (if any):

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Dispute - A disagreement between players, a dispute from Ban Appeals, or any other conflict that requires resolution by a senior admin
Behaviour - A player that is rude, offensive, deliberately disrupts gameplay etc
Cheating - A (regular) player that is cheating in some way whilst admins are offline

Anyone who was present at the time of the incident.

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Your (server) name:RockingKevin
Person complaining about:JamesCole
Type of Complaint:Cheating (Choose one - SEE BELOW)
Witnesses:Me and KucinjaLV
Admin previously spoken to (if any):Redirect_Left,KucinjaLV
I have noticed him doing this like more than a time and i believe he is misusing currently added /loadcar /savecar

Currently he has a dumper loaded,when a new map loads,under 20 seconds he use /loadcar to load his dumper and within 20 seconds or before he /savecar to save it back,result is coz of the time /loadcar loads a car,he gets a dumper to drive once again when he die's,please check video below for Proofs

As u can see above,it is displayed that JamesCole 1st /loadcar to load his dumper and under 20 seconds /savecar and coz the the result he was spawned again with the dumper next time he died
[Image: giphy.gif]
As of R3640, you won't be able to save a recalled car, and will be forced to use it.
Your (server) name:Luxor_Mob
Person complaining about: KucinjaLV
Type of Complaint: Behaviour
Witnesses: Tiskar
Admin previously spoken to (if any): None
Complaint: Admin calls other players non respectfull names Like kiddo, noob, kid and some simmilar names.
Screen Shots :
I was on my other account so my name was diffrent, Im not muted anymore but I cant stand this admin...

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