Poll: What type of maps do you want to see more of?
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Missing Object Maps (Roadways)
9 9.78%
Harder Small Maps (Simplicity I, Platforms)
14 15.22%
Sinking Maps (The Flood, Flood Control, Low Water)
4 4.35%
Fully built maps with no or little fall off (Town Chaos, Atown)
8 8.70%
Maps with lots of custom coding (Air Pressure, Jupiter Island, Warp)
20 21.74%
Speed Altering Maps (Ricochet, Velocity I/II)
9 9.78%
Chance Maps (Church of Madness)
11 11.96%
Competitive / First to goal gets reward (Repair Mania, Graveyard, ROFLCOPTER, Air Pressure)
17 18.48%
Total 92 vote(s) 100%
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What sort of maps do you want more of?
Help mappers know what you guys want to see more of. Simply pick what you like best and help decide what more maps we make.

I can't guarantee authors will make what people like the most, but I usually try to appease at least.
I've reset the poll, and updated the options with newer examples / categories we now see on server.

As all votes are reset, everyone can vote again, this time it also allows multi-choice, so pick all you like!
Do players like maps with only one vehicle (all players use the same one)? I can only remember that one with the Predators at the dam at the cycle.
I hope my English was decent enough.Dodgy
Well, Turismo Paradise is one of the most liked maps in the cycle. But of course, that;s because the map and vehicle just click. The map's built like a stunt ground, Turismo is basically a weak ass stunt car.
So, yeah, could work. Just don't make one entirely of Dumpers or whatever. A map of bikes would be boring. A map of industrial vehicles would be slow. A map of planes or boats (there have been some if I'm correct, and they were extremely unpopular) would be like what i just wrote in the brackets. Luls. Fast cars would work, but that part's kinda handled with TP.
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(02-28-2016, 04:33 PM)DMFArranhado98 Wrote: Do players like maps with only one vehicle (all players use the same one)? I can only remember that one with the Predators at the dam at the cycle.
I've re-added an old one from 2011 (SVN records say it was added on 18th August, 2011 wow) called Monster Sumo. It has only Monsters, and lots of ramps and sumo rings to get up/down from. It's one of the classic maps where its really easy to fall off, and its all about crashing with no camping spots at all. See how it goes, probably badly. I've expanded the map because the original was tiny, it also slightly alters gravity (its a bit lower) for more fun ramming.
And what about a map only with Vortexes? Or karts, for instance?
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they can't damage each other with enough amounts, it'd take ages to kill each other
What if the arena was small, but with several obstacles to not easy things so much?
I hope my English was decent enough.Dodgy
There has been a vortex map to my knowledge. Pretty sure it failed drastically. Karts are fast, but it's fracking impossible to pit them against each other. And obstacles won't help since they're extremely agile and no one bumps into obstacles on purpose.
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I meant obstacles for Vortex map. But since you say it wouldn't work...
I hope my English was decent enough.Dodgy
The map with Vortex loadout was called 'Space Sumo', probably the most hated Sumo map ever.
Maps like that don't work, but feel free to submit one and we'll give it a retry.
Space Sumo, I never quite got why it was so unpopular, but it now lives in infamy in Sumo culture. It was also the first map to alter gravity to a large degree.

There are pretty much no restrictions on what you can and can't do in a map, as you can see from some of the maps, especially the ones I do, where I often push the limits so much I have to amend the actual sumo core code to accomodate the new map and its features. As has been posted before, if you'd like to look at current maps to see how its done access is usually granted for most maps.

If you get stuck making maps, just ask in the map making section and someone will be able to help.
Vortexes are fine to use. The problem is actually the opposite of what RDL stated, they actually are fragile as shit, making vortex only hard to win. Not only are they weak, GTA SA treats them like aircraft, resulting in multiple explosions when you blow one up. I'd be up for bringing back Space Sumo. Add minor repairs and disable the vortex ach and it should be ok.

For the record, Predator only has predators in it for 1 reason: Boats do basically no damage to each other, so only boats with guns could be used. Only Predators have working guns. If I could have, it would have been all boats.
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Plus, you know, the fact that moving the camera in a vortex is an absolute piece of shit.
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