Map Alteration Requests II
I have updated LVAP 2, and deleted the ramps reported, although I clearly remember I had removed those ramps when they were reported earlier.
Quote:RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 7979, 1477.3984, 1172.4453, 12.8906, 0.25);
This was the line which was to be added as a RBFP, Please verify the same. Hope I've updated it properly this time...
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you should notice RDL about any map updates to let him recompile it
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Well, he had recompiled it earlier also. It could have been an error from my side.
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Yes, updating it in map generator doesn't notify me, although I might set it to echo to orc when someone does so tonight when I get home.
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dialup Wrote:many maps are ... boring and ... bugged. I mean maps where you can leave the borders and drive across the city. or stuck in the nowhere and wait for death. Other server has much less maps, but all of them are well-known. Should we reduce the map amount and leave only the best ones?
also, server has spawn bugs. that's disturbing, too..

Well he is right a lot of maps are boring/not fixed. So in this topic we should discuss what map need to be reworked or removed. (we had a rating system but players are voting for idiotic maps so it wasn't really useful)
Hate a map? Post here why you want it removed. Also don't think that if a map just got posted here it will be removed (Rdl will be the only one that can do it anyway).

Map list:
    {"Ballin'", "Ballin"},
    {"Sumo Oasis", "Oasis"},
    {"Oasis Motel", "Oasis2"},
    {"Dogfight", "Dogfight"},
    {"Diversion", "diversion"},
    {"Vanishing Roads", "VanRoads"},
    {"Owl Rings", "Owls"},
    {"Oil Field Capers", "OilFieldCapers"},
    {"Got Luck?", "GotLucky"},
    {"ROFLCopter", "ROFL"},
    {"Invading The Military","sfmil"},
    {"On The Edge","ote"},
    {"Dumpers Cave","cave"},
    {"Canyon Pass","ranch"},
    {"Area 51","a51"},
    {"Owl Rings 2","Owls2"},
    {"Turismo Paradise","turismo"},
    {"Town Chaos 1","TT1"},
    {"Town Chaos 2","TT2"},
    {"Church of Madness","chmad"},
    {"Sky High Golfing","SHG"},
    {"Farm Sumo","fsumo2"},
    {"Tubes 'n' Rings","TnR"},
    {"Pier Pressure","ppres"},
    {"Dumper Dodgers","dtd"},
    {"Sumo Challenge","SChal"},
    {"King of the Castle","king"},
    {"The Grid","grid"},
    {"Skyline Sumo","sline"},
    {"The Flood","flood"},
    {"Inception 1","inc1"},
    {"Gas Mania","gas"},
    {"Mountain Rush","mrush"},
    {"Night Life","nlife"},
    {"Sky Fi","skyfi"},
    {"Air Pressure","apres"},
    {"Desert Storm","dstorm"},
    {"Velocity 1","velocity"},
    {"Velocity 2","velocity2"},
    {"Take It Or Leave It","TILI"},
    {"Glitch City","gcity"},
    {"Evasive Action","eaction"},
    {"Flood Control","fcontrol"},
    {"Cross The Bridge","ctb"},
    {"Roadways 3","rways3"},
    {"Skyline Sumo 2","sline2"},
    {"Space Invaders","sinv"},
    {"Stadium Roof 2","sroof2"},
    {"Voyage of the Damned","voyage"},
    {"Los Santos Capers","LosSantosCapers"},
    {"Venturas Fun","lvf2"},
    {"Sky Ride","Skyride"},
    {"Roadways 2","rways2"},
    {"Roadways 4","rways4"},
    {"Drunken Pilot","dpilot"},
    {"Missionary Hill","mhill"},
    {"Bridge It","bit"},
    {"Jupiter Island","jupis"},
    {"Treasure Island 2","tisland2"},
    {"High Drive","hdrive"},
    {"Dumping Ground","dmpgrnd"},
    {"Shady Desert","sdesert"},
    {"Scam Map","scam"},
    {"Seaside Sumo","SeaSumo"},
    {"das Boot","dasboot"},
    {"Oil Rush","oil"},
    {"Roadways 5","rways5"},
    {"Long Zeb","zeb"},
    {"Island Docks","island"},
    {"Rings O Rings","RoR"},
    {"Roadways 6","rways6"},
    {"Toxic Factory","tfactory"},
    {"Thin Path","tpath"},
    {"Vanishing Roads 2","VanTubes"},
    {"Simplicity 2","simpl2"},
    {"Magic Happens","magic"},
    {"The Dumb Dam","dam"},
    {"Disco Inferno","disco"},
    {"Mines Run","mines"},
    {"Rings Cake","rcake"},
    {"Crazy Ball","cball"},
    {"The Wooden World","wworld"},
    {"World of Roads","WoRoads"},
    {"Rapidity 3","r3"},
    {"The Cowboy Fast","cowboy"},
    {"Dokie Islands","dis"},
    {"Closed Way","cway"},
    {"Closed Way 2","cway2"},
    {"Rapidity 1","r1"},
    {"Low Water","LW"},
    {"World War III","wwiii"},
    {"World War IV","wwiv"},
    {"World War V","wwv"},
    {"World War VI","wwvi"},
    {"Damn The Bridge","DtB"},
    {"TheMap IV","themap4"},
    {"TheMap II","themap2"},
    {"TheMap III","themap3"},
    {"TheMap V","themap5"},
    {"Closed Bridges","closedb"},
    {"Above the Clouds","clouds"},
    {"Baseball Sumo","bbal"},
    {"4 Ways","4w"},
    {"Car Park","carpark"},
    {"Mall Run","mall"},
    {"Low Water 2","LW2"},
    {"Viva Las Venturas","vivaLV"},
    {"Atown 2","atown2"},
    {"Sumocoaster 2","sumocoaster2"},
    {"Roadways 7","rways7"},
    {"The Cross","cross"},
    {"Quantum Break","qbreak"},
    {"Shady Town","stown"},
    {"Stoob Etercnoc","stoob"},
    {"RC Battlefield","RC"},
    {"Welcome to Pandora","pandora"},
    {"LVAP 2","lvap2"},
    {"Tube Travel","ttravel"},
    {"Town Chaos 3","TT3"},
    {"World of Balloons","balloon"},
    {"Roadways 8","rways8"},
    {"Roadways 10","rways10"}

So here is my nomination:

Map Name: Dookie Island
Author: Shithead
Reason why you think this map should be removed: It's bigger that the entire area of Los Santos. Never seen someone win it always ends in a draw.

Map Name: Vector Sumo
Author: Jordan F.B.I.
Reason: It's so big and as everyone has 4x4s, there is barely any damage in driving around the map. Almost always ends in draw
Boku no Pyro
Almost every Jordan's map, for the very same reason.
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Does anyone have a list of maps made by Jordan?
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2017: <~Redirect_Left> I like DialUp, he's cool.
y u make it so hard Dialup?

vector, grass, smr, psr, ars, edrink, cway, cway2 are the internal names of all Jordan's maps.

Sourced from
Lead Administrator
Sumo Scripter
Sumo Map Creator
First Player to reach 100, 200, 250 and 300 recorded wins
First Player to reach 100 recorded duel wins

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Removed them all, due to varying reasons.
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Rapidity 1: People can jump under the platforms, making themselves stick to them, and not getting killed, due to auto repairs.
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Does exploding above the platform not kill them?
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it s only a simple sumo ring also people can't use their brain on how to do it they will eliminate you before you get the chance of exploding over them
And if you get too close, you'll just get launched in the air before you can explode, especially if the stuck person is lagging. It would be best if the launcher radius was reduced.
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