Making a map
So, I decided to give a map to the server if the owner will agree
My mapping (Still working on it) :

Put your opinions below Smile
Wow, you created two roads. Good going.
(11-18-2014, 04:24 PM)Johnny Wrote: Wow, you created two roads. Good going.
Well, still making..
Anyway, thanks for opinion.
opinion heh.
Ok here I go. From those 2 road objects I can tell already that your map will be big (which here is the same thing as boring) and we have like 30 maps with just roads. I don't get why you want to make a map when it s clearly that you don't have anything in mind and you will just wing it.
On another note maybe you should leave this map making thing and gain some experience first. Don't get me wrong I m not trying to demoralize you or anything just that right now even us (the staff) make bad maps with all our experience.
So before making a map I'll give you some homework to do:

Play the game and while playing it observe.
Simply open your eyes and see things you like while playing and things you don't. Every map has different things you can do. try to understand why is that ramp there or why is that guy camping that roof. Make a list of everything you like and everything u don t in your mind. After that maybe a map will inspire you and make your own version of it, a better version and add there some of the things you like.-
My maps Twister and Roundabout were made by winging it. They've been two of my more popular maps too!
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Another good piece of advice: Don't get inspired by 'noob' maps made by author(s) like Wagonr401. Many don't have a positive approach towards those kind of maps.
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Nice map but i think you should add more streets with those things that you jump but good your idea is good
dat bump doe

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