[Spawns] Confused? Simple tutorial for sumo-spawns to Your map!
These SERVER files are READY to use, all You need in to start from point 3!
But remember to update VEHGENERATOR files before You use it to avoid bugs and messy things

1.Download SA-MP 0.3.7 Windows Server

2.Also download VEHGENERATOR.pwn
This file goes to samp037_svr_R1_win32\gamemodes

(This step (3) is only for those who used MTA Map Editor or else editors which codes doesn't fit with SAMP!)
3.Convert Your map (uncheck 'Add comments' -> No, in the panel on the right side) using:

4.Then paste converted coordinates of Your map to samp037_svr_R1_win32\scriptfiles -> (use notepad) YourMAP-COORDS.txt.

5.Next destination is samp037_svr_R1_win32\pawno when You get there, open pawno.exe (don't bother about the error).

6.Then click file -> open and choose VEHGENERATOR.pwn

7.In these lines 22/23 You have to type coors of Your SUMO RINGS:

SaveSumoPlatformVehicles(13607,XXX,YYYY,ZZZZ,15); // 1
SaveSumoPlatformVehicles(13607,XXX,YYYY,ZZZZ,15); // 2

-13607 This is an ID of the sumoring, do not touch this!
-,XXX,YYYY,ZZZZ, This is where You type coordinates of sumorings!
-15 That's the amount of players which spawn on each sumo ring (max is 25!).

8.After You have finished typing sumoring coordinates, click Build then Compile (or just click 'F5').


9.Another target is samp037_svr_R1_win32\server.cfg which You open with notepad and change important line:

*gamemode0 blabla
to ->
-Save and exit!

10.Last step is to run 'samp-server.exe' and visit:


...and You can see the file named vehicles_1.txt, open it with (also) notepad and copy/paste into map generator!

That's all, Thanks!
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Please use http://sumoserv.com/map/VEHGENERATOR.pwn for the veh generator and don't upload it elsewhere.

this file will always be kept up to date and be update to work with new versions, having it uploaded elsewhere gives me no control over keeping it updated
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I still seem to be unable to get it to work =/
When I try to compile the coordinates, I get this error http://puu.sh/iTaM3/be6b0765fa.png
samp-server.exe looks like this http://puu.sh/iTaWq/c4efded725.png
and vehicles_1.txt just this http://puu.sh/iTaYx/3321ecdd2d.png (2 lines per attempt)
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You don't need 13607. That is the ID of the platform. It doesn't need to know that information.

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No more errors, but the rest is still same. server.cfg in case there's something wrong there: http://puu.sh/iTcqx/cb3cc57a1d.png
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Remove all the filterscripts, you don't need any for what you're doing.

Delete the output file, exit the server, then relaunch and try again
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You sure? It's all still same, but now getting these errors http://puu.sh/iTcWa/cd420e4bcd.png (deleted filterscripts folder)
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that's because you deleted the physical filterscripts, instead of deleting them from the .cfg

Anyway, download a fresh copy of the script from http://sumoserv.com/map/VEHGENERATOR.pwn

Try that, incase your copy is wrong or something.

There are other ways of creating vehicles, other than VEHGENERATOR too
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Still nope =/ http://puu.sh/iTdTE/1311cd9ef6.png
And I have no idea how to create vehicles in any other ways, nor how even this works. I'm just following the explanations, step by step.
Maybe I can have an example of spawns from another map, so I'd know in what exact format I have to submit them? I'd just copy the example, make the spawns manually in MTA, and just change the coordinates of the example accordingly.
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It'd take you days to manually do cars.

A) Regenerate your map on the map generator, at the bottom tick automatically generate vehicles. Then submit the map. your vehicles are automatically made byt the map generator - preferred
B) Use http://sumoserv.com/map/VehCreator.amx - load this as a filterscript, type /help - you can use commands to save vehicles, or spawn / save lots at a time.
C) VEHGENERATOR - But you've already shown you can't do this.
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