Map Statistics
I've created a little simple page that displays the outcome of maps.

It simply records when a map has loaded, and then how that map ends. It gives you and admins a good idea of if a map is well balanced, if it needs tweaking, or if its broken.


A run down of exactly what the statistics mean.
Won: The game was won normally.
RTV'd: The map was vote changed through RTV/Changemap. This also increments if an admin forces a map change on the map.
Timed: The map timed out before anyone won and overtime wasn't triggered. Timeouts that occur when the server is empty are not recorded, so the mass of maps that timeout overnight EU time are not recorded.
OT No Winner: The game went into overtime but no one won, this usually means that after the end of the overtime 2 minutes, the reds were still alive, it very rarely means that all the reds died together, so no one won.
OT Winner: The game went into overtime, and someone won during overtime.

If you do edit your map to try to fix something you see here (please do), remember to let me or Confucius know of your update so we can retrieve it and put it on server. This should hopefully become a key way of figuring out what maps are well balanced, and what needs editing. Ideally maps should end more often normally, without overtime.

help my map isn't on there! - This means the map hasn't played since the recording began. Just be patient until it naturally loads as part of the cycle and it'll appear as soon as the map ends.
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Boku no Pyro
Nice, it would be cool if there was an option to sort maps in order of their outcome though.
Not currently possible because each map has its own table. I can merge them into one huge table, which can then be sorted. The table would eventually become buge though as more maps were added. Currently eventually 202 rows in the table.
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(04-28-2016, 11:53 AM)Johnny Wrote: Nice, it would be cool if there was an option to sort maps in order of their outcome though.
Your wish is my command. It's now sortable and displays like the ban information page. I've also added a 'total plays' column, so you don't need to add the other columns together yourself.
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It looks fucking classy as hell now. Noice.
Boku no Pyro
Yeah, that's much better. Another column for map author maybe? So mappers get a quick overview of their maps.
I'm not sure if author can be retrieved easily using the existing queries and what the core passes to the database. I'll look into it tonight.

Already found a suspect map. Hotel Hell has been played five times, and 4 of them ended in a timeout. Hmm.
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Maybe Hotel Hell needs REPAIR_X or shorter repair intervals, it's quite hard to survive there.
I've updated it to include the time the map played last.

They're currently all defaulting to 30-04-2016 @ 22:14:09 (DD-MM-YYYY @ HH:MM:SS). Note that the times are the SERVERS time, the server is in Roubaix, France. So the times are GMT+2.
They all default to the above as that is the time I created the database table and filled it with dummy data so it didn't all go wrong trying to fetch non existant data. As maps get played, that'll be replaced with the actual last play.

Last play is actually the time the map ended, because it can only save the outcome when someone wins or the game times out. The time is not recorded if there were not enough players on the server to win the game, same as the other stats.
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This has been updated.

Once a day a script is called and it updates data in the background, and saves it into a text file.
The map stats page will parse this file into human readable format, and should load it almost instantaneous now, compared to having to wait for the database query to execute, which was taking 5-15 minutes because of all the data stored in it.

This should now work smoothly and almost instantaneously 24/7 now.

Check it out [here].
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Why My Map not on it ?
Because it hasn't been played on server yet (as it doesn't work and still needs vehiles adding).
There are no recorded stats for a map that isn't on the server.

Maps not on there have either been removed from the cycle, or have not played yet.
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