I have made a new map, namely TheMap1, it's quite small so I think if possible, can you make it first to reach X kills wins this map, if not the win time is 375 so the size should not matter that much.

Hopefully, it's put on the server soon.
Thanks in advance.
I can't make it first to X kills, for the simple reason that after more than 6 month. I'm still waiting for feedback on wether the most kills map even works properly to do it to others...
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That's sad to hear.
You can then make it as first to reach win set alive time only, but if you want, the next time I play, I can record the game at that map with the debug mode on. And if then it gets fixed can you change the game mode to First to reach X kills?

Also, I forgot the name of that map, so please tell me its name too.
Bumping this, it'd be good if this is put on the server since I never posted themap1 before :p
None of 'TheMap' maps are currently in cycle. I don't recall why they got removed, are you sure they all work?
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They all work, they were removed for being too big, though I think themap 3 - Barren Island has a generic size and can be used.
Moreover, TheMap1 is a newly submitted map, and it has a small size too.

So can you please re-add TheMap3 and add TheMap1.
TheMap1 + a few of Dead_LIFEs new ones are added to server.

TheMap3 is not in the map database.
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Well, that was quite fast. Thanks!
It was part of R4019 -
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Reduced win time from 375 to 275.
Please accept the alteration as soon as possible.

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