The Great Map Cull
Hello! My opinion: Do not rely on the votes, do not delete any cards that have at least the merit of existing and also out of respect for those who have spent time to achieve. This will make the game less monotonous than to see more often the top rated cards that do not necessarily please everyone.
Unfortunately, there's not really any other way of doing it. The server does advertise to use /rate to keep your favourite maps. There's really no other way of gauging peoples interest or dislike in maps, other than constantly monitoring server chatter for things.
ROFLCopter is back in cycle, i'll remove it again if it hasn't improved its rating for next time i do a big map cull.
Deep House was removed in its place (same reason, lots of plays, low rating)
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(07-10-2018, 10:51 PM)DeivuxxX Wrote: Kinda surprised to see my map and even Heli Hell in top 20, since the normies are always complaining about them being too difficult xD

Not only is Heli Hell somehow my best rated map, despite the complaints it's too hard to kill people it somehow has never gone into overtime, and has timed out on roughly 1/3 of all plays (though to be fair 1/3 each also goes to clear wins and rtvs).

Based on this, map Intoxication might get another run!
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Heli Hell is out of cycle, hence its last play being in May on that. I am considering bringing it back though, as I do like it. However because so many people have a very high or very low FPS, the physics of GTA sometimes do not work, causing it to be very hard to fly. (it also affects boats and swimming speeds). The physics of the SA engine are tied to frames, so it can entirely break if your FPS is unexpectedly high or low.
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Two of my maps are still in the top 10? Legendary.
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