Thanks for considering donating to The Sumo Server.

It costs €3 (three) or €6 (six) Euro, and lasts for 1, or 3 month, depending on if you donated 3 or 6 euro.
You'll also receive 15 points to spend in the shop for a €3 donation, and 50 points for €6 donation. You can always receieve points for free by doing /mission(s) in the server.
You can donate a higher amount, and the length and amount of points will be altered for the amount donated. For example, if you donated €12, you'd get 6 month and 100 points.

You receive the below benefits

  • Respawn time is always 5 seconds
  • Premiums always spawn with NOS on vehicles
  • Premium tag on vehicle (can be disabled in /settings)
  • Flashing / Rainbow Car Colors (can be disabled in /settings)
  • Larger Selection of Vehicle Objects (option 7 on /settings)
  • Different color in chat to make you stand out
  • Ability to choose and keep vehicle colors (option 3 on /settings)
  • Ability to choose your own licence/vanity plate (option 5 on /settings)
  • Ability to choose a favorite vehicle type, which will spawn more frequently for you (option 10 on /settings)
  • Ability to choose a tyre type to spawn with your vehicles (option 7 on /settings)
  • Ping Kick Immunity
  • Ability to change your server nickname, and keep all stats on new name (Settings -> Account Settions -> Option 3)
  • Ability to use Roll the Dice more often
  • Unlimited amount of duels per map, instead of just 1
  • Only 100 seconds of poor car upon chance (/rtd /chance) failure (Usually 200)
  • Can use /luckydip (/dip) much more frequently (5 minutes instead of 15)

More stuff is being added all the time, including new features, and new objects for your vehicles!

Donate with PayPal!

To ensure premium is given quickly - in information box you type your server name!

Alternatively, if you cannot use PayPal, contact Redirect Left using the forum to post a thread, OR send an email to him through the forum, and you can setup a direct bank transfer from yours to his - this may take a few days to process by banks

You may also be able to find him on the chat.

When donating, be sure to specify your username. All donations send an email to the server owner (Redirect_Left). You should expect to recieve your benefits within 12 hours, however during daylight hours in Europe, probably within 3. If after this period (12 hours), you do not have it, then feel free to register on the forum (if not already), and create a thread enquiring.

Donating is not a get out of ban free card. If you disobey the rules, you'll be treated the same!

Current (paid) Premiums:

Redirect_Left, Sixty, Confucius, CharlessDickens, Dave_Shepard, RAPTOR, Joe59, RoOsTeRKiNg, KREYZEE, _Ionut_, [HELLAS]Riko,