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Full Version: Unban Date ?
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Bonjour le communauté,

Je voudrais savoir la date de mon unban. Merci bonne journée !
English only on the forum, and its 1 month from the date of your ban.
You're really the worst con you can't be. I told you I don't have a cheater anyway short fuck your mother
and now there is another 2 month on the ban, so it now expires in 3 month.
Put me even 6 months if you want to fuck your mother lol

Do you think my life is games like you big son of a bitch or what?
and now its a permanent ban, you're not very good at manners are you.
Well done! I'm glad little dog you did your job. Good dog
Thanks, I'm pretty good at getting rid of toxic people.
Do you think my life will end there? Little slut
You really suck at insults, be toxic better. Alternatively you can stop being a toxic person and improve your life and do something with your life.
Yes i see that you have no life except the virtual
You just make me too upset this is why I insult dude you are a person that I do not appreciate at all just come back down you think you are who the fuck?
You suck at handling bad situations and just make it worse, as proven here.

Probably look into therapy for that.
Bla bla blaa. Kiss kiss baby :*
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