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Server screenshots! - Jessica - 08-29-2017

Random ingame screens, wins, funny stuff, whatever.

[Image: L9a0GPe.png]

[Image: image.png]
Blind win!!

aaaand my first win ever;
[Image: unknown.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Lara - 08-29-2017

Sven ain't shit.

By the way, these are totally random and if anyone happens to have by any chance funny screenshots, please do post. Smile

[Image: HEFvg7t8.png]
[Image: LQuOBsQS.png]
[Image: E3VldyKW.png]
[Image: 0WAG9Qqn.png]
[Image: vBCHoxWp.png]

Last but not least

[Image: icwtkqdv.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - RAPTOR115X - 08-29-2017

Stuck :/

[Image: XGff5SQ0.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Polak - 08-29-2017

[Image: y2uwjSTN.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Redirect Left - 08-29-2017

I need to figure out how to put an updated image on the Above The Clouds map.

RE: Server screenshots! - RAPTOR115X - 10-03-2017

35 Players (AKA Server capacity) reached, call me a sinner for reviving a month old thread.

[Image: 6uJNoLvm.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Redirect Left - 10-03-2017

I also got this (but technically not a server screenshot)

[Image: fullserv.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - g0dspell - 10-05-2017

[Image: qChjeL5.png]

[Image: AhPWdkt.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Lara - 10-05-2017

The day mk left, a half of me has gone missing.
[Image: 2XzkuFRR.png]

This was when MK went trolling after Arra's acc, trying to get him banned or 'embarrass him'... or whatevs
[Image: JDnTHTkf.png]

Just a regular day at sumo...
[Image: 1sX1VPmW.png]

Idk tho, I like how this screenshot is showing what women are capable of doing to men in real life.
[Image: Jy8sPUnK.png]

RE: Server screenshots! - Jessica - 10-05-2017

No screens of my awesomeness? ;_;


RE: Server screenshots! - Redirect Left - 10-05-2017

maybe you're not that awesome?

RE: Server screenshots! - Jessica - 10-06-2017

(10-05-2017, 04:42 PM)Redirect Left Wrote: maybe you're not that awesome?

It hurts to even think about but maybe you're right.

RE: Server screenshots! - g0dspell - 10-06-2017

[Image: gri8cXZ.png]

Joe and I chilling, such a gentleman carrying me around.

[Image: c2SMsPn.png]

[Image: 4fpRKZU.png]

One of the better rounds i've had.

[Image: brPnLkP.png]

Almost done it!

RE: Server screenshots! - Jessica - 10-08-2017

Lol last one shows Vodoooo asking for team. Tongue

RE: Server screenshots! - g0dspell - 10-08-2017

Quote:Lol last one shows Vodoooo asking for team.

Yeah, he was annoying. I don't see the point in teaming up with other people.

[Image: QcuyPO3.png]

[Image: 9jPWs9n.png]

[Image: 9MpNGrk.png]

Random ones.