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TEN YEARS OF SUMO - Redirect Left - 01-01-2018

Today is the 10th anniversary of Sumo!

Also, some stats from the development side of things last year.
There were 801 revisions made to the server, this is an average of 2.2 revisions made every day last year.
Of those revisions, Redirect Left did 766, Confucius did 17, DialUp did 14 (translation related only) and Timid did 4 (map related only).

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - theman - 01-01-2018

Happy anniversary!


happy new year

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - Jessica - 01-01-2018

Happy 10 years.

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - Joe59 - 01-01-2018

Well 10 years already happy birthday
A big thank you to you
it was a great idea to create this server and I hope it will last a long time
This is very fun
the interest in GTA SA is that it is not mandatory to have a very powerful computer for those who can not yet buy one

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - g0dspell - 01-01-2018

Happy anniversary Sumo, it's definitely a great milestone. Also, happy new year ladies and gentlemen.

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - RoOsTeRKiNg - 01-02-2018

Well! Happy New Year + 10th Anniversary!
Who else thinks that we guys deserve some Party from RDL :v? Type in
" +1 " below xD

Thanks For the Great Server !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD
But I need some party!!

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - Drifty - 01-02-2018

Happy Anniversary!

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - RoOsTeRKiNg - 01-02-2018

(01-02-2018, 12:26 PM)Drifty Wrote: Happy Anniversary!

Welcome Back Bro ! Big Grin

RE: TEN YEARS OF SUMO - Johnny - 01-02-2018

Can't believe we are still here. Anyway, thanks to RDL and all those who made Sumo a nice place.