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All Sumo duel songs so far. - Redirect Left - 03-07-2021

Here's all the songs used on the duels to date, ones with a ^ are still used in current version. They're written in the order they were added for the first time. If you've forgot any, they're all linked to a video on Youtube, all versions used were instrumental only.

Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai^
Far East Movement - Like A G6
Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe
Sam and The Womp - Bom Bom
The Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough
Voltio ft Jowell & Randy - Ponmela
Avicii - Wake Me Up
Dunderpatrullen - Rumble Rangers
AWOLNATION - Hollow Moon / Bad Wolf
DuckTales - Main Theme Song
Charlie XCX & Troye Sivan - 1999
Hatari - HatriĆ° Mun Sigra
John Parr - St Elmo's Fire
Little Big - Hypnodancer^
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger^

For most of Sumo history, there was only 1 song at a time, its only in the last 3-4 years it started playing different tunes for different days (usually done for odd & even days, and another for weekends too, for 3 songs total)

RE: All Sumo duel songs so far. - Redirect Left - 03-07-2021

I've split this from the 'what are you listening to' thread, as it may have wider interest to see it all.