Map Generator Update
The Map Editor has been updated.
  • Added a tickbox to the bottom of the generation page named 'Advanced'. Tick this if you're planning on using custom code. It will inject 'hidden / advanced' settings into the finished file you can edit whilst adding your custom code. It adds support for using weapons, speed alteration, and adjusting a few other internal settings.
  • Added the missing setting 'HC_DISABLE_NO_SPEED".
  • Added the missing setting 'HC_DISABLE_CONSTANT_SPEED".
  • Added additional code into the finished file for upcoming Sumo 3.7.2 support. (This is not a required update. You don't need to redo your maps. It'll be done automatically for existing maps)

If you get stuck using advanced settings. Create a thread on the map creation part of this forum. I'll reply fairly quickly, if nobody else does first. The settings should be fairly self-explanatory though.


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