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(09-26-2018, 01:39 AM)Redirect Left Wrote: The reporting function works by it requiring the player to then trigger one of the internal warnings that'd be visible to admins, except with no admins to view it, if the player has been reported, they'll simply be kicked.

It's hard to really make that time longer, as then it can be abused more to get an innocent person removed from the server for longer.
I understand..or if possible, only do it for a player reported by / votekick several times in the same hour or day.
if there is an abuse (it would be surprising for an innocent that it happens several times in the same part of the game) of course the player concerned can always say on the forum
Has /bet been suggested before? I haven't found anything related to it, so I apologize if I missed it.
If it hasn't been discussed previously, lemme try explaining it briefly: a betting feature that uses dip points/tokens (the only implemented currency) so players can bet on the winning player. The odds could be related to their (whose gets a bet on) experience (wins or rounds played) or their winning ratio (wins/spawns, like the one displayed with the $wins hot-text) and to the bets distribution on that round (more bets on ID 0 - lower odds for that bet | more bets on other players - higher odds for betting on this player with less bets on). The minimum amount of online players to enable betting would have to be set (just like it is for /missions activation) in order to prevent abuse.
Mini-Missions players will be aware I'm bringing this up from there.
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Dont know if people would like this idea, but we could definitely have a /Unfairduel or /Uduel command, wherein the players won't know which vehicles they will get, and both of them will get random vehicles.
For instance you can spawn with a dumper while your opponent has a caddy(Randomised by server)
Yes, it will give people free duel wins, so there can be two things done about this, create a separate stat for this and don't include it in duel stats OR just don't store this data.
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as it were, the very concept of a duel implies that opponents must have equal chances to win, and the rest already depends on the player’s skills

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