Map tutorial using MTA Map editor
1.First of all download MTA SA
[Image: 2urwl4w.png]
...install without changing anything

2.Then download SAMP Server
[Image: 2di3fbk.png]

2.1.After it's done unpack it to desktop for easy access, open server.cfg and change:
gamemode0 bla bla bla

3.You will also need VEHGENERATOR to make vehicle spawns

3.1.Then put file VEHGENERATOR to "gamemodes" in samp server You just downloaded

4.Run MTA San Andreas and start Map Editor
[Image: 2dguo1t.png]

4.1.Easiest way to create spawns is using at least 2 sumo rings which ID is 13607, how to use them will be told later.

4.2Basic keys to start creating a map:

F - You'll be able to move your cursor
Mouse Wheel - Change distance of objects
Mouse Wheel + Shift - Change distance of objects faster
LCTRL - Rotate objects using mouse wheel
Arrows - Move objects more precise
Arrows + LCTRL - Move objects even more precise

(for more tutorials how to use MTA Map editor search on Youtube in your own language)

5.After You've done click save as, call it as You want, for example "your_map_name" and then close MTA

5.1.Open this destination:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\your_map_name

5.2. Edit your_map_name using notepad, copy everything and paste it HERE (ConvertFFS)
[Image: 24l9dli.png]

5.3.Don't forget to set vehicle comments to No and click Convert. Copy converted stuff (only <object> lines) and paste it to MAP GENERATOR
[Image: x60fly.png]

6.Then go to samp server, open pawno folder and then pawno.exe

6.1.Press File -> Open, go to samp server gamemodes -> VEHGENERATOR.pwn

6.2.Type co-ords of your sumo rings:
[Image: 15wcbio.jpg]

6.3.Press F5 or Build -> Compile and run samp-server.exe

6.4.Open scriptfiles folder, You'll see new file named vehicles_1 edit it using notepad, copy everything and paste it to MAP GENERATOR
[Image: x60fly.png]

7.Set up map name, and everything else don't change ticks if You're basic map creator and...
[Image: 2aijwbm.png]

This is basic tutorial but easy to read and easy to make very nice map, if You need any more informations ask me via forum in this topic or in game.
[Image: dls6ch.png]
thank you

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