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oh, and Timid is level 3 now, so you all need to nice to him.
Tfw still waiting myself
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Lulz. How much $ is required for lvl3 ?
My offer of handling the server payment was sooner Big Grin
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2017: <~Redirect_Left> I like DialUp, he's cool.
(05-31-2017, 01:15 PM)DialUp Wrote: My offer of handling the server payment was sooner Big Grin
Might be worth you talking to Timid and splitting the payment maybe?

Current cost is €23.99 per month for server & €15 per month for hosted.
Server could probably be downgraded to a cheaper one, but the first month will occur an extra setup fee, and would need to be in Europe again so still Kimsufi is best (cheapest) option. The next one down is €19.99 per month, so not a huge saving (intel i3, but several generations ago)
I don't want people to think I donated to get a higher admin status Redirect_Left....

I would copy and paste the convo, but I would rather not. Anyway, I never asked for a promotion in status, I never even cared if I got it or not. I thought I might have deserved it (not because of donating, but because I am always trying to help the server), but I didn't really care. Redirect_Left came to me and asked me about the level 3. I did not ask him. My only stipulation was a little respect from him, instead of always putting me down. That's all.

And to DialUp, if you wanted to split the payment that's up to you, it would help. $40 per month is quite a lot, but its doable for me to keep SUMO alive. Smile
We are a team, no matter who has the highest or lowest level, it is important to help us and make the server better. If Timid deserves it, I have no doubt.
I how someone who does not need big money for life, would do the same as timid, but since at the moment my balance does not exceed monthly 0 I can only make a map and watch that bad players do not make trouble to the rest.
But when I have an extra ruble, you can count on me.
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