/savecar & /loadcar
Within a day or two, after i finish testing it, the above commands will be active.

This will allow you to save any vehicle and then recall it for use later on. You can save any vehicle, wether it was given to you randomly, you won it from dip, or it was part of an increased chance with premium or premium set 'favorite vehicle'.

As an example, say you got a dumper but you're confident you can win the current map without one, or are just not that bothered about it currently, you can use /savecar to save it to the database. When saving a car, the server will randomly give you another car, like it would when you spawn originally.
The next map, you are given a Tug and don't want to bother with that, you can use /loadcar to recall any saved vehicle into the map.

Saved vehicles do not expire, and can be saved for any length of time.

To prevent abuse, the following are currently set.
You can only save a vehicle (/savecar) once every 8 minutes.
You cannot load a bike onto a map that wouldn't usually have them.
You cannot load a dumper or monster onto a map that wouldn't usually have them.
When saving a car when you already have a car saved, it'll give you a warning, retype the command to save it anyway.
You can only use /savecar and /loadcar when your time alive is under 20 seconds - You cannot use the commands to swap your car out last second to basically guarantee a win.

Let me know what you think, hopefully this'll add a bit of a new dynamic to the game.

If this command is used with ill intentions (abused), it'll be further tweaked and limited, or just removed.
This is now tested and on server.
This is one of the best new feature added to server !
If you have any ideas for modifications to the new stuff, let me know in a reply here, we might be able to further revise the idea to make it even better!

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to make them in the suggestion thread.
How about /mycar to check what kind of car is present in the save slot?
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You can check by typing /savecar, if there is a car saved it'll tell you, plus what the vehicle is and you need to retype the command to actually save it, it can be added to /self or a new command if you think there is need though to help players understand better?
To help players it's good to add /savecar to random gray info messages (but I'm sure it's done already)
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2017: <~Redirect_Left> I like DialUp, he's cool.
They're already added, both random in game and the map end texts
What would you call as abuse in this, spawning a big heavy vehicle like bus or coach in fast cars map only is still possible with this, also, this should be disabled in dune's world and monster only mission(if its not already) due to obvious reasons Smile

But its useful, getting a good vehicle at end of any mission was always annoying.
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is there any way if we wanna check what car we saved using /savecar instead of loading it with /loadcar
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Type /savecar once if you have a saved vehicle, it will tell you what vehicle you have and ask you to type /savecar again to confirm you want to replace the existing saved vehicle.
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/switchcar, load the saved and save the current one
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/switchcar has been added to server (or will be there by tonights update)
You've been given 5 days premium for the good suggestion.

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