How To Fix The Server
So here is a little run down of the server issues.

There is currently some troll with too much money doing a determined DDoS on the server.

So, here is how you can fix it!

Be an admin and use commands to try fixing it.
[Image: y.png]
Tell everyone how much of a dick rdl is.
[Image: y.png]
Whine and bitch everytime it starts lagging
[Image: y.png]
Patiently wait for the troll to get bored, whether it takes 1 minute or 1 millenium
[Image: n.png]

You all bitching and whining everytime it happens only makes the trolls dick harder. An amused troll, is a troll who will continue to troll. If you all stop giving retarded reactions everytime it happens, they'll probably get bored a lot quicker.

Here is a netgraph for the server, showing its traffic.
[Image: 1_kims.png]
As you can see, over the past few days, there has been sudden bursts, these are the attacks, they show no sign of slowing down, after we had a nice 1-2 weeks of nothing major occuring.
I dunno. Can confirm #1 and #3 not working, but #2 certainly helps coping.
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