Can you already tell "SugarMommy" to stop pretending to be a girl? It's just an fucking boy who needs attention online because he doesn't get any attention at all in real life. And stop banning me for telling the truth.

Firstly, this is posted in the wrong section (It's more suitable for the complaints seection) anyways, i don't care what gender SugarMommy is, we're all here to play a computer game and be entertained by it, and you seem to be making a big assumption nonetheless.

Also disrespecting players of sumo is against the rules (and a fast lane ticket to getting banned):

And i will also say you appear to have a history of disrespecting players according to these logs, so I'd encourage you to refrain from such behaviour going forward.

Also, it seems you are multiaccounting as your IP has 2 users logging in from the same computer IMPERIA and Bonez which is also against the rules, so i suggest using your original account, IMPERIA going forward.
My reaction when people type "HACKS" as a reason when reporting someone without being (Even slightly) specific about what mod/cheat they're using.

[Image: tumblr_inline_n0ea3lrPjr1rhignx.gif]

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