Map Cycle changes
Starting from revision 4003, the map cycle will play maps based upon certain statistics.

To start with, it'll look at a few things;
  • It'll play maps that have the highest, or near highest rating.
  • It'll play the map that has been played the fewest times or near fewest times, indicating a newer map
You can see the statistics for the maps here; *
Any of those statistics can be used to base map plays on, but i started with those as they are probably the best indicators of what maps will be better received.
For each one, it'll internally select the top 10 for statistic chosen, and then randomly select one of those. So it won't constantly be playing the same one for each statistic

It'll still play some maps based off nothing more than a random throw of the dice, as it did before R4003. But it'll try to encourage maps based on those stats.

Of course, this now means that using /rate responsibly is more important than ever now. As it'll directly influence the maps that play.

When the server has chosen the next map specifically based off statistics, it'l explain that reasoning.

*this is updated only once per day, except the ratings which are realtime.
Space Sumo isn't in this mapdata list though, how will we survive man
Make your grand return, and a remap of Space Sumo
you should have made a rating as Dasher said, on a five-point scale
now I really do not understand the principle of rating, it just adds up all the votes? and even if map bad and 10 players voted for one point, the map gets a total of 10 ratings?
"Death and pain are just a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!"
omg it's dak <3
also yeah, I see my own map has only been played ONCE, I hope it changes with this. ;-;
I agree with Dead_LIFE, the map ratings don't show how good a map is, it's mostly done by players whether they like it or not, that is for campers a map with repairs, no must move and camp spots would be good, for players who play only for kills, maps with narrow roads or faster cars would be good. The ratings also reflect a mappers reputation rather than the map quality at all.

The maps with lower rating shouldn't be stopped from being played in cycle but should be altered, but since people don't tend to join forums for such requests, I believe this method is the only way.

Though, I hope maps with lower ratings will still be altered.
To clear up, ratings work from 1 to 5.

Bad gives a map a rating of 1, average is 3 and so on.
A player can only vote once, and if they revote on the same map it'll alter the rank they gave it before if changed.

Everyone's votes are combined for an overall rating. Which is what is displayed on the aforementioned page and what is internally used to get a maps current rating.
the five-point system would have been better, more precise., I mean that the maximum score can be 5 and the minimum is 1, and if 2 players gave a score of 5 then the score of the card will be 5 if 2 players voted 5 and 4 is 4.5 according to the principle summation of all votes and division by their number 5+4 \ 2
"Death and pain are just a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!"
That would have taken slightly more coding effort though.
(01-19-2018, 12:01 PM)Redirect Left Wrote: That would have taken slightly more coding effort though.

And so everyone else here knows, don't complain about RDL's coding effort because someone will end up banned.

(remembers ripping rdl fondly back in the a51 era)

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