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What or who is killing people at the moment of their spawn? I'm not sure what you mean?
(05-18-2018, 01:48 PM)Redirect Left Wrote: What or who is killing people at the moment of their spawn? I'm not sure what you mean?

He's asking for a rule prohibiting against voluntary spawn killing.
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Vasudev Kutumbkum
(05-18-2018, 01:48 PM)Redirect Left Wrote: What or who is killing people at the moment of their spawn? I'm not sure what you mean?
on sumoserv this question has already been asked about by the admin of andromada

[17:27:34] {997A3C}[ID: 14][S: 0] Bandit[AND]:{FFFFFF} Is spawnkilling tolerated here?
It comes under the playing fair rule, as spawn killing isn't fair play.

If a player spawns, and then doesn't move for a few seconds - that isn't spawn killing. It's their own fault for not moving, they let it happen.
More changes, 10 years on, and still getting updates. I must be mad.
  • Selecting vehicles for duels is now sanity checked for anything too ridiculous being used.
  • New Achievement: Rollin' Patrol - Drive a marked police vehicle next to at least two others to form a group of 3 or higher* ^
  • Map Gravity has been fixed, it shouldn't ban people anymore.
  • Fixed some issues where certain things were not available to paid premiums

Tomorrow evening i'll try adding some extra maps that are submitted but not on server yet. I also want to make a Warp 2, but its finding the time that's an issue lately.

* As an idea of distance, all vehicles need to be within about twice the distance you can heal vehicles from using water from, so its a rather generous sized circle around you.
^ Marked police vehicles are the HPV bike, the police Ranger, and the LSPD/SFPD/LVPD cars - any others won't count.
I can make a hmm kinda base for warp2 if you want me to... ive got a ton of scrap maps, that i had never posted on the server.
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Changes since last post;
  • At the end of each map, you're now presented with a score out of 10 representing how you did. Referred to as a scorecard.
  • Milestone achievements have changed - you'll be reawarded any that you still match with on next join
    • 20 -> 30 (1)
    • 40 -> 50 (2)
    • 60 -> 75 (3)
    • 80 -> 100 (4)
    • 100 -> 125 (5)
  • New achievements
    • Success - Get 7 and over on scorecards 100 times
    • Mediocrity - Get between 1 & 6 on scorecards 100 times
    • Faolure - Get 0 on scorecard 10 times.
  • Registration dialog altered to specify how The Sumo Server (Bad Science Limited) keeps data required.
"Faolure - Get 0 on scorecard 10 times."
I do not know, but it seems that even when the player alone on the server appears an inscription score 0\10
Does it go to the account of achievement? ? players can abuse this
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Yes, that'll count. Although I can edit it so if you're the only player online, it doesn't count.
  • You can no longer disable exiting vehicles, this is due to certain people abusing it.
  • You can now receive messages that detail everytime you're registered as hitting someone (same option number that used to be disabling exit vehicles) - this is also useful for debugging purposes

I'm also thinking of making either a new Warp, Drive By or Velocity map too. So yay
  • Lucky dip vehicles changed, it'll now give out Blista Compacts, and now longer Sentinels, Virgos or Greenwoods.
  • Fixed damage messages
  • $sc has been added to detail your scorecard information, including total 10/10s (if you've have any) and your highest ever scorecard (if not 10/10) ($score also works if its easier to remember). True facts, my highest is 3/10. Because I suck.
  • Duel song has been altered to an amazing one, it's DuckTales - link to song.
  • New maps, from authors including Roosterking, RDL (omg that's me!), xMx4xLife & Albert_Hudson.
  • It's no longer possible to spawn barrels, due to some people taking the piss with them.
  • Scorecard placement has been moved and then fixed, it was moved and then bugged, its now resolved and in the right place.
  • Premiums are limited in their name change ability.
  • Corrected or improved spawns on a few maps
  • Premium players will no longer get bad vehicles from /dip - they also can't win premium if they're already premium
  • You can use $score to say your highest ever map end scorecard result, $sc does the same thing. It says total 10/10s if you ever won one
  • SA:MP Radio has entered a new phase of testing, and is back in server. Use /radio to start it, and /radio to turn it off again when active. There is a choice of streams, which will be increased later on to cover more genres.
  • Vehicles are given more chance to spawn on certain days, see this thread;
  • a few glitches with savecar, loadcar & switchcar commands have been fixed
  • Two new missions
    • MIS_DISTANCE (8): Travel 1 mile in 90 seconds.
    • MIS_SPEED (9): Attain a speed of 100 MPH (160km/h) within 60 seconds.

Both new missions only award 1 point, as they're both relatively easy. If too easy, they'll be made harder.

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