Andromada Maps on Sumo
Fixed for R4062
Map : FindIt, bugged spawns due to inclined rings.
[Image: sa-mp-247.png]

Spawn Bugged Tongue
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wew, I dunno how you kill someone up there.
Also, if he spawned up there. He is abusing a bug, so that's abuse.
Didn't abuse the bug, lol.
Map got over as soon as i spawned..
Thanks to my ultra instincts, i took the screen...

I didn't abuse the bug..

I barley managed to take the screenshot
And the map got over as soon as i took the screenshot..

But its a bit confusing to me..

Earlier, when theman reported Negan for the abuse of something and going beyond map boundary bla, bla.. Some of the best lines by Sixty
Quote:Well yes, but just reporting the player, and not the bug in the map is a bit of a fail. It's like complaining that someone broke into your home, but not doing anything to stop it happening again
You just blamed theman for not reporting the bug..
Taking a lesson from that incident, i posted the bug..

Its not my fault that i spawned on another object placed over the disc..
And about the abuse of bug, I'll just say, i didn't abuse the bug..
And if it weren't the '60 seconds ' stuff(when players get less hp and there alivetime appears as 0) it would've clearly showed 4-5 seconds of alive time.
About the reports, no one reported me, no one even saw me, as i had just spawned then..
I request rdl to kindly fix the map, as it may lead to the banning of innocent players for abuse..
Thank you.
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