A New Ranking System?

I mentioned it ,a long time ago, and I don't think it got enough attention..

It is a "Rank System".
Well, I know the "ranks /scores" existed in Sumo, earlier, but this one, will be a bit different.
It will show the exact "ranks" of the players, instead of those long scores(whatever, was that, I forgot)... Maybe it will depend on Kills, or maybe wins in certain spawns?
In /top , we can make it , to show top 50 Players, in the week... (instead of just 10)
and also, the "50 Players with Most Kills, in the past week" would be good.
I mean, with alot of new players showing up , perhaps , we should try out something new, that would increase the feeling of "competition" among the players.
And the Hottext-command for that , might be $rank ? It will show :- "I have #[] Rank in Sumo!" [Here, the rank will depend on both Wins and the Maps-Won-In-X-Spawns]

What are your thoughts? (Any comments, related to this topic will be appreciated, by me)
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I like your idea and I still want that top 250 list lol.
There were pages with leaderboards. We removed them a year ago. You can still use !top command on IRC though
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Yes. I tried out !top (kills, wins,spawns etc etc).
But , a separate "rank" seems unique, and the rank , showed in /stats ,or simply displayed using $r(ank) , or Top 50 players on the basis of kills, wins ,will help in increasing the competition (said it 2x) .. And will definitely Make it more 'interesting' for the players..
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There was an addition rank system based on your overall wins, spawns etc. However it was removed fairly quickly as it added nothing

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