Health bug?
Recently I was on the map that you use Submachine Guns and the spawn is locked to Sports Cars (I forget the name) and you regen health and ammo per kill.

I had almost survived the full time when I got trapped by two people and was about to die. My car was flaming and so was one of my attackers. My attacker detonated first and then all of a sudden my health shot up to 125% and I was suddenly banned.

I already opened a ban appeal, but is this sort of bug normal on that map?
Well, in this map, when you are firing bullets on Another player and they are also firing at you, if, you and the player, get on fire and explode ,you would get health.
Lemme clarify.
X and Y are shooting each others.
X and Y ,both got on fire, but, Y got on fire a moment earlier.
Y exploded, and X got health

I can't think up ,for the bug.. I mean, I don't actually remember, how much health you would get when, others explode. Tongue
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I thought it was proportionate to the time the person had spent alive. Because I killed two people before him and the first one gave me +111 Ammo and +11 health and the second gave me +200 ammo and +20 health.
Eggith, I really wish you would've taken a screenshot of the occurrence at the time of the ban, as it looks like you were banned by a staff member and not our automated bot system. With that said, there is no bug with the way that you explained the situation. Its common in that map for that to happen. Lets take this back to the dispute though, as the forum is not a place for ban disputes.
Awh shit son. Timid being professional as fuck.
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