The Great Map Cull
So, I'm going to start cutting down on poorly liked maps, and maps where the balance is off and rarely gives the intended outcome (yes, I know some maps are intended to be a time sink or kill getter, rather than winnable - maps with that intention won't be removed for that reason). I'll keep removing five every several days, until I feel there are no other maps that are exceptionally worse than the rest. Using my own personal opinion, and the results of /rate

The following maps are removed in the first set of five.

The Grid
The Grid Extreme
Deserted Island
Disco Inferno
Tubes & Rings

You can see the rating of all maps here; - so make sure you rate all the maps, and feel free to say maps you think need removing in this thread. If you think it would be better if it was repaired or altered in some way other than removed entirely - use the Map Alteration thread.
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Great idea
"Good job" admins.
protection of violators 10 \ 10
The one i nominate for now is Dumper Dodgers, very small and very hard for new players.
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AAh , that map .. Its unique but its difficult and the Dumper makes it a nightmare for the nubs... Tongue

Making it a bit large, would be good.
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The following have been removed as of now

Bekar Road
Bekar Road 2
Long Zeb
Under The Water
Vanishing Roads 2

These are maps that have been played a significant amoutn of times, but have relatively low ratings.
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Some more maps that should be removed because they cause a lot of rage amongst people(regulars), or maybe temporarily disabled until player base rises up.
These include:
Heli Hell, counter to the ratings it causes a LOT of rage among players.
Andromada wars: Same reason.

Even though these have great intention of bringing diversity in vehicles to play with, but the people don't seem to like them, so they should be disabled temporarily.
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The following maps are removed

Crazy Map
Heli Hell - This map doesn't work with people with abnormally high or low FPS (GTA SA physics engine is shit, and these people cannot actually get off the ground)
The Glitchy Map 1/2/3/4/5 - these all have fairly low ratings
The Grid 2
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Was about to post a bug regarding the helihell map...

(When you duel, you get an invisible helicopter, just like your opponent)
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The Fidget-Maker Dodgy
well, that bug is now fixed.

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Map Pentagram is removed, as its by far the most RTV'd map (
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