Didn't get my achievement
So I was playing and I won in a Tug, but I didn't get the achievement...
What should I do? I don't have any screenshots to put in the thread but I have the chatlog if it's going to help...
Quote:[16:25:07] {00FF00}[1st][S: 12] RoOsTeRKiNg:{B2B2FF} Dats wat u get for camping

[16:25:08] [Eliminated]{F6ADDE} BATUNECHKA_DANGERY {BDDDFB}[Fell Off - Active for 13 seconds - Knocked by Nasarka99]

[16:25:10] {00FF00}[1st][S: 15] RoOsTeRKiNg:{B2B2FF} VOOODOO.

[16:25:14] {00FF00}[1st][S: 19] TMSFTWOG:{FFFFFF} Sad

[16:25:22] {00FF00}[1st][S: 27] RoOsTeRKiNg:{B2B2FF} :v right glitchy?

[16:25:25] {00FF00}[1st][S: 30] TMSFTWOG:{FFFFFF} And a tug

[16:25:28] {00FF00}[1st][S: 33] TMSFTWOG:{FFFFFF} My Vehicle: Tug
Quote:[16:32:56] {F6ADDE}TMSFTWOG{FFFFFF} has {FF0000}won{FFFFFF} the game!

[16:32:59] Most kills:{1E90FF} Nasarka99 {FFFFFF}at{1E90FF} 6{FFFFFF} kills & most deaths:{1E90FF} BATUNECHKA_DANGERY {FFFFFF}at{1E90FF} 8 deaths

[16:32:59] Most damage caused{1E90FF} IonutManevra {FFFFFF}with{1E90FF} 1642.09{FFFFFF}HP

[16:32:59] There were {1E90FF}53{FFFFFF} spawns, and {1E90FF}39{FFFFFF} eliminations throughout the entire round

[16:32:59] >> The next map is '{F6ADDE}Snowballs{FFFFFF}'

[16:32:59] Round Statistics:

[16:32:59] That round took 7 minutes, and 55 seconds to complete!

[16:32:59] Distance travelled by all players in round: {1E90FF}22.79{FFFFFF} Miles / {1E90FF}36.67{FFFFFF} Kilometres

[16:32:59] Fastest vehicle and player of the round:{1E90FF} Hotring {FFFFFF}at{1E90FF} 116 {FFFFFF}MPH{1E90FF} by BATUNECHKA_DANGERY

[16:32:59] Most travelled user of round:{1E90FF} MiGente_ {FFFFFF}at{1E90FF} 3.09 miles

[16:32:59] {00FF00}[2nd][S: 0] RoOsTeRKiNg:{B2B2FF} NOO
Edit: Here's a screenshot of my achievements https://imgur.com/a/gt6Jv
It would be good, if you post the picture of your "Achievement-Window" kinda stuff,
when you are ingame, (type /ach)

I also, searched for a bit

� [2018/04/16 14:25:30] <Sumo[B]> [5] TMSFTWOG is currently using a Tug

� [2018/04/16 14:32:59] <Sumo[C]> TMSFTWOG has won the game!

� [2018/04/16 14:34:02] <Sumo[A]> [5] TMSFTWOG: It's in red :(

� [2018/04/16 14:33:58] <Sumo[C]> [5] TMSFTWOG: "Tug Life": Win using a tug

� [2018/04/16 14:33:31] <Sumo[C]> [5] TMSFTWOG: WHY!

� [2018/04/16 14:33:27] <Sumo[A]> [5] TMSFTWOG: I didn't get it
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