Things I would like to see.
As we've seen, the player-count has really declined, within the last few weeks.
At the specific time, when it's evening in my country, the server was just crowded.. which is a good thing, we all know that.
But ... I don't see that number of players, now a days.
I'm not sure what could've caused the decline in the number of players, and it may seem that I'm just over-doing things, but seriously , I just can not sit around and do nothing.
I'm not sure, if the ideas that I'll give, will make any difference, or if they are even necessary at all. Our thoughts may differ, in many ways, but here , I'll be posting the things That I would like to see in Sumo.

A new Rating System
Yea, we had the rating system, which worked really fine, until the players complained that it ruined their play,and bla bla. We know that.
But now, I'll be planning to introduce , a new , rate-system. Based on 'Scores'
So, the players will get Scores , at the end of the map .
And .. the score, they'll get at the end of the map , will just ,cover up , all the things, like , total distance traveled, players killed, the average speed they got through-out the map , if they got any MVP or not, did they win any duel etc., Now, they'll get "Rating/ Rank" based on the "Score".. the Rank will be = The Average Score the player gets in 1 map.
I don't know if it can replace the vehicle-rating we had earlier.We need something that the players would ask for, whether it will be some award, or their names being displayed, or even free premium.
Currently , there's no rating, and the players, just don't seem to find any good reason to achieve Highest speed, or most kills or most damage (until they want to get MVP)

New Map-Ideas
Even though , new maps are being put into the server, they are quite plain. Even when they offer different features, they are , simple.
We need more maps, like , Riochet, or , Driveby-series, or 'The sinking maps' .
The idea that I had:-
Maps like Warp. It is a plain and simple map, with NPC's around and the Portals.
We need something like that too..
Or , if possible :- 'Touch me not!' kinda maps, where the players would just explode on touching the other players.

The Mini-Games
It gets a bit boring, just driving around, and killing and winning.
A mini-event held after the voting..

The message would pop up, Want an Event?
$y for yes
$n for no.
Some Examples for the Events:-
A Derby-Ring :- All the players would be put in a small arena , and they have to kill each other..
The Shamal Attack :- Here, the players will be put on to the top of a building, and the airplane would come and try to fall off the vehicles .. But the question is , who'll control the Shamal? An Admin? So , it would work , only when an Admin is around.

Other Ideas
There were really good ideas, either suggested by the Players, or , were mentioned by RDL..
These Include:-
Daily Tasks
Map Traits

I also liked when RDL mentioned some special music-or-sound that the player(s) would hear on some special occasions.
Like, if you camp, or if you win(its already there)..
The one thing I really wanted to see, is the Bell sound, each time, you hit the other players... or "YOU GOT A KILL" or some stuff like that, when you will get a kill.

The Score
Further expanding the score, I would like to see a Kill-Death Ratio , which will be probably nice, and it will be one of the factors affecting the players' 'rank'..
Missions achieved in some spawns, *daily tasks performed in some spawns* *Total mini-events played, Total mini-events completed*
Total Missions performed, Total missions completed.
Or , we can simply mark the top 25 players with ranks.. Like the player with most wins will be #1 and so on.. I'm sure it'll face a-lot of criticism,though

Need more maps, the maps start to get boring
I was about to make it one of the main issues, but here we have The Great Map Cull.
We need new maps, and kinda remove the previous ones.. That's all the Great Map Cull is about , and It is quite good.. No flaw in that , that I've seen so far.

What I forgot to mention was this :- The Sumo Championship.

I'll be waiting for others replies.
Was it wrong? Was it quite good?
Or , It wasn't even needed?
Your thoughts , down below.
I know there are some flaws, in most of them.. But , if we can find something good enough , maybe, it will change Sumo a little bit.
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If you want some more maps with a specific feature, the best thing to do is make them.

there have been numerous rating and rank systems, and all of them caused more problems than they solved, or just got ignored. It isn't worth doing anything else when people don't care about it, it just uses more CPU cycles and more money for no benefit.
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Some things that should be done as soon as possible to increase the player base without much effort would be:

1). Removing/disabling maps which cause rage quit among players, not necessarily the ones with lowest ratings but the ones which actually make people rage as soon they show up.
2). Admins being a little less harsh with punishments for minor rule breaking.
3). Admins forcing maps with highest ratings every once in a while for players to play, even though it is done by server already, but some maps do attract players.
4). A more dynamic system which can cause the game dynamics to change and make sumo not orthodox the way it is currently, so people need to come up with some good suggestions for such dynamics.

In general: Reducing the amount of maps and focussing on only good maps to play, reducing the punishments and trying to have a friendly atmosphere would be great for the playerbase.
I agree with mostly all of them.. But I've never seen "3)" one..
Admins forcing maps with highest ratings every once---- ?
Never seen it actually.
I appreciate all of the other points mentioned.
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