End Map Score

A new feature i have been working on for a few days, is end map scores. This is a score that basically rates how you performed that map.
It's a figure out of 10, so the highest is 10, and the lowest is 0 (ie: 4/10). If you manage to get 10/10, you'll be randomly given a reward.

It looks like this, although yours will hopefully be a higher score and look better - this is very low as i didn't play a match, i instantly forced the display to show.

[Image: e=XqJ50vCZ.png]

The following currently have an effect on your score, some more may be added later on;

- Very low kill amount -3 (between 0 or 1)
- Low kill amount +1 (2 to 5)
- High kill amount +2 (over 5)
- Zero deaths (+2)
- Few deaths (+1) (anything below 5)
- Many deaths (-2) (anything 5 or higher)
- Little movement -2 (anything below 2.5)
- High movement +2 (anything 5.0 or higher)
Exited Car
- Exited car -1 (anything higher than 0)
- Complete a mission +2 (anything higher than 0 is always +2)
- Win an achievement +1 (anything higher than 0 is always +1)
- Repair another player +1 (anything higher than 0 is always +1)
Win Game
- Win the current match +2
- Win the game MVP +1

This will be on server either at the end of today, or by the end of tomorrow. I need to do a few final things, mostly decide what to award people who get 10/10 - plus i'll make some related achievements for this which aren't done yet.
Won't getting over 6 kills, zero deaths, moving (5 miles?), completing a mission, getting an achievement AND winning the game all at the same time be a little difficult or only possible in a dumper or with a low player count? I think getting 10/10 score would be an achievement in it's self!
(05-23-2018, 07:47 PM)linuxthefish Wrote: I think getting 10/10 score would be an achievement in it's self!
Getting 10/10 will be an actual achievement too. However, yes. it's designed to be pretty hard to get anything higher than 6-7. So people aren't winning awards 24/7 from it.
As noted in the post though, I will add some other stuff if i can think of other stuff worth adding that's relevant.
Some additions to this;

People who recently joined won't be penalised for having a low distance amount.
Repairing a player is +1
Added a hottext ($score) to display how many times you've gotten 10/10
Added achievement 'Ace!' which is awarded on your first 10/10
I've updated the first post to be in line with what the current is.

When you get 10/10, you currently just get + 20 tokens to use in /dip. However I am looking to add something bigger to add incentive, perhaps a period of premium? For the record, the highest anyone has gotten so far is 9/10 - 10/10 has never been done yet.
If you have any ideas as a good suitable reward, i'd be interested in hearing, as well as anything else that'd be worth adding to contribute to end score. (Note, if i add something else, i'll probably reduce or remoe a different one so it isn't too easy to get 10/10)

New achievements
Failure: Score 0 10 times on scorecards
Mediocirty: Score at least 6 100 times on scorecards.
Success: Score over 7 100 times on scorecards (yes im whoring this shit out)

Server has also started to record everyones end game scores, for later statistics and new stats.
Can you make $score show the average score of the player?
Quote: I got 10/10 for map end scorecards 0 times, with average score being 5!
Also, can you display, the player with the highest score, throughout the map.. Like in a corner or so..

In the left/right corner :-
Quote:RoOsTeRKiNg has the highest rating of 9!
something like that?
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Not RoOsTeRKiNg Dodgy
It'd be a bit of a pain to get all of the scores the player has achieved and work out the average of them. It's possible, but as people play more, there is more to rapidly fetch and work out the average of.

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