Donating - Switch to Patreon?
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So the current problem with the donation system is, its a very unreliable source of funding, for something that has a very reliable source of expenditure every month.
You see the problem and where this is going.

So, i've been thinking of switching to Patreon. For those who don't know, Patreon is basically a donation service, where you make monthly donations, and in return get goodies.
Basically the more you donate, the more you get. Obviously no matter how much you donate (as long as its the minimum) you get premium on the server. Plus any extra goodies. This can be used to give out things, the first thing i thought of was for people who donate enough, i can do a run of badges and send them out to people who donate enough. Something unique but Sumo related. It's basically little novelties i can give out, or varying levels of premium.

It's basically to try guaranteeing a sort of monthly income to support the server. Currently the server is paid for for a few month, but hosted tab is currently not active as it expired a few days ago, and paying for the base server is more important to begin with.

The other alternative is to try desperately to get people to use the current PayPal system, which may include heavier and more 'pay to win' style rewards, rather than the currently fairly benign stuff that doesn't affect winning chances much at all.

So any feedback is appreciated, I can't keep this going without the income to do so, so what are your thoughts, and if we go to Patreon, any idea for little extras?

Since 2008, there have been over 4200 revisions to the Sumo code, and up to this day, 10 years later, it's still updated on a mostly daily basis, taking some time to do so. SVN Logs - and we have over 325 active maps in cylce, which take a while to make sure they're all working and at least 'decent', and i update the server every evening when new things are done. When funding allows, I do also intend to do something with the Andromada servers, or the Andromada name.

As an idea, here is the patreon of three things I support; - Technology videos on Youtube - Funny videos on Youtube (serious check 'em out) - Harry Potter / Disney shit on Youtube (i'm immature)
Well I mean with literally anything running a Patreon nowadays, with even shit like this working I don't see why not if you can think of enough tier rewards Big Grin
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