Big ping manipulator
Your (server) name: Tomos_14M
Person complaining about: KiLLER_MASTER
Type of Complaint: Dispute/Behaviour/Cheating( CHEATING )
Witnesses: Everybody who joins server
Admin previously spoken to (if any):
Complaint: His ping always 260+ , impossible to kill for someone. Got SS where he says he can do it to 1000 if he wants.
Oh well. Since when I am back, my ping on this server always remained 260+. In earlier times it used to be 300+ actually. About that 1000 ping, it was just a poor sarcasm right there. Also if your ping is 600+ you get kicked by the server bot. You can blame my location for high ping.
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it is true that it is more difficult to damage a player at high ping. I think that the player concerned, even if it is not in his interest to correct (since he has more chance to win) can not do anything to correct it (even if he does not download at the same time what can also increase the ping) it is related to its flow (transmission time) internet and also the geographical location with respect to the server (unless error on my part)
You can just calculate the lag and to don't have the experience to throw it out lel but is very easy Wink
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Try to predict the player(KiLLER_MASTER's) moves..
This video should help you.
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There is another video still online, I did this with a clan member for Rollin' Patrol, the roleplay clan i used to have nearly 10 years ago (OH GOD IM OLD)

Having a high ping doesn't make you invulnerable, unless everyone is stupid and doesn't know what ping means.

If it can be proven he has a ping manipulator, he can be banned, as that is certainly not fair play, which is against the rules.
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Lower pings may be easier to hit how you want them, but high pings are easier to hit without you damaging yourself at all, so there are pros and cons.
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