Blooding Banger type game mode in SAMP
So I was thinking about a new game mode already available in San Andreas at San Fierro Stadium naming"Bloodring Banger" where player has to collect all/ Max checkpoints before other player does within a time limit(time extends when player collect checkpoints), I was thinking that this would be even more fun in SAMP in different locations (instead of a stadium), plus with no time extension after collecting checkpoints,at random spots 90 checkpoints are pointed around map(only if it's possible to be done), they will have 2 minutes to collect checkpoints (checkpoint remains marked theirs even if they die and respawn), if all the checkpoints are collected then the 1st player who collected all checkpoints/most checkpoints before anyone else wins the round/ players who have collected most checkpoints within 2 minutes wins the round, & we can add special modes in this event too, Drive By mode(2 players in one car with SMG in hands), Foggy/Rainy game mode,etc,

So what you guys think? Add more if you think I missed something
[Image: giphy.gif]

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