Votekick Abuse ' bojkenov1c "
Your (server) name: Joe59
Person complaining about: bojkenov1c
Type of Complaint: Behaviour
Witnesses: no other player we were only two
Complaint: votekick abuse with "Hi Dude"

[21:42:36] [VOTEKICK] bojkenov1c started a votekick against Joe59, for 'hi dude'
[21:42:36] Kick player Joe59? Type $Y to vote.
[21:42:43] [JOINED] DarkDrifter (ID: 0)
[21:42:48] {00FF00}[ID: 1][S: 39] Joe59:{B2B2FF} ? what ?
[21:42:53] Joe59 was voted off the game (1 votes, needed 1).
[21:42:53] You will be unable to rejoin for 2 minutes!
[21:42:53] Server closed the connection.
[21:43:19] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-005.png

[21:44:46] {FFFFFF}SA-MP {B9C9BF}0.3.7-R2 {FFFFFF}Started
[21:44:49] Connecting to
[21:44:49] You are banned from this server.
[21:44:58] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-006.png

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User was banned for 3 days
(09-24-2018, 02:23 AM)Redirect Left Wrote: User was banned for 3 days
Well, but apparently it is a player who does not come regularly at an interval of a few days since September
for him 3 days seems to be a very light punishment he may not even realize if he does not connect these days
to make a fanciful votekick like that it's really not fair play

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