flava polupoker
flava is a bad admin and pizdopidor

+ or - ?
umad bro?
you bad admin too
im not admin u sad kiddo :')

*yummy dg jew tears*
(10-29-2018, 05:35 PM)DG_JEW Wrote: flava is a bad admin and pizdopidor

+ or - ?

He's a bad admin because he's retarded degenerate, and so people with this defect should not be trusted to do something.
Of course this sounds rude, but most server players speak about it as well. He can not cope with the problem of cheaters, do not read the reports, and deals only with provocations against some players, with the purpose of spoiling their gaming experience. I ask the higher administration to take action!
[Image: LC1dQQr-2vs.jpg]
Here is the complaints section, fill out the proper form instead of randomly insulting my admins.

You constantly insult people, including me, and when you get banned you make a shitstorm out of it? Get real, you and a small group of people are constantly toxic, poisoning this community for no sane reason. Its pathetic and your childish posts like these are a waste of forum space.
Harrassing other players is an included reason on bannable offences list, which is written and posted on server rules thread on forums. So bans you received earlier (and probably receive many more in the future) are not made up or impulsive or personal, so until you follow the rules, situation wont change much at all from your point of view. I do read reports, i do react to them, and dont expect admins to instantly react to them without doing investigation, spectating, etc..

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