Seasons Beatings Challenge
It's that time of year.

So lets have some fun in server, and get a tournament going.

The winner will get a €30 gift card to their favourite source of games. I buy a gift card, and give the winner the code they need to activate it. Once done, the owner is free to buy whataever he wants with his winnings.

This is how it will go down
from: 23/12/18 00:00:00 GMT+1
til: 01/01/19 12:30:00 GMT+1

During this, play Sumo as you would, but do in a more derby style. Because what counts at the end, on 01/01/19 - the winner will be the person who has caused the most damage to other players. Not won, or was fastest, but those who killed the most people by damaging them.

The same great game, but for those chasing the gift card, make sure you land some giant hits on players.

You can check out how you're doing by checking the /damagelist command to see if you're anywhere near top. The damagelist command only works when the game is active, and wont work before or after the event has finished or started.

It's worth checking out /settings - as you can turn on damage messages which will give you an idea of how much damage you cause to other cars and what can make more damage.

When the event starts, you can use /damagelist to see who is currently on top!

Good luck, and any comments or ideas to improve, let me know!
Congratulations to 'theman' who won the €30 voucher!

RoosterKing & [1st]Shoot came second and third, and got 30 & 15 days free premium.

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