Recent Changes (2019)
This is a new recent changes thread for 2019.

Something I do every year, is count how much was done the previous year. So last year there were 430 revisions, which equates to 1.17 revisions per day. 2019 will be the 11th year of The Sumo Server, and yet it still gets updated on average once a day!

These are the changes made recently;
  • Rampage mission (MIS_DAMAGE) is now cause 750 damage in 90 seconds (was 1000 in 110 seconds)
  • NPCs record their damage for their unrequired stats (Use ID -1 to -5 on !p)
  • Discord echo appears to be fixed when sending messages.
  • Dominating admins no longer gives a free good car.
  • You are penalised when you exiting a vehicle, +2% chance of being given a shit car is added each time you exit a car. It goes down slightly each new map you play, up to a maximum of 35% chance per spawn
  • /dip won't give you a free /flip, /fix or chance of free premium if the above is > 20% (don't exit your fucking car guys)
  • Boosted car for Wednesday is now Turismo instead of Infernus, no one likes the steering on Infernus.
  • New Achievements:
    • Super Smash Bros - Be in a Monster or Dumper, and drive next to another player in a Monster or Dumper.
    • Switch Up - Replace an awful rated car with a non awful rated car using /loadcar or /switchcar
    • Serial Replacer - Load or switch your car 100 times
    • Harder Daddy - Cause 500HP of damage in one hit
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You can now access the server from a 0.3DL install of SA:MP, as well as 0.3.7
[17:42:17] <@SugarMommy> *aaah daddy~ .. spank me.. HArd~*

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