Votekick Abusing
Your (server) name: Tortuga
Person complaining about: Alexander_Mantel and Johnny_Mantel
Type of Complaint: Behaviour
Witnesses: Nobody
Admin previously spoken to (if any): None

Today i joined the server like at 22:30 (GMT -3) and there were only two users playing , Alexander_Mantel and Johnny_Mantel, two romanian friends or relatives i suppose. I was playing normally like i always do, and then, Alexander made a Votekick against me because of High Ping, and of course Johnny voted and i was kicked.
I joined again a few minutes later and i explained him that everyone who is from South America has a ping between 250 and 300, and then we have a "discussion" but we stopped and we just played without chatting. (I didn't take screen shots of this but you can check it reading the logs if you want to).

A new map started, i was winning and then that's what happened: (Votekick screen shot) (Translation to english) (Proof of being kicked by them)
Hi, thanks for reporting.

The user has been banned from using the votekick system for 6 hours (he will need to play for 6 hours before he can use it, the timer will not go down if he is not playing).

you've been credited with 5 days free premium for your report.
Thank you very much Smile
the little of time that I've seen these two players, they play as a team and it's pretty boring like most of those who play this way.
It's obviously unfair to other players
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