Server has been moved to the new location.

If you are using or - you should already have access to the new server.

If you are using the old IP isntead of the URL, you will need to manually change your favourite to either of the above - You do not need to specify a port, as Sumo uses the default port anyway (7777)

If you are using the name and getting the "SERVER MOVED" name, your DNS is a bit shit and slow updating. You can either wait (shouldn't be anymore than 2-8 hours for a decent DNS), or you can manually add the new IP - however i recommend going back to the as soon s you remember, as this is more future proof than using an IP.
Hello !
Since few days I often see in the interface of Samp.exe an empty space without any players in the list and yet there are sometimes players when I go in sumo this bug no longer encourages to play as we think it has no one. it may be a coincidence but is it the new server that does that? Today I learned at stake that I'm not the only one with this problem
Yes, you are not the only one with the problem,
refreshing the server(in the SAMP Client) a few times fixes it.
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This happens if you have the same server twice in your client sometimes. So if you are using the IP and it will cause the server to glitch out, as both are the same server. Removing all duplicate entries of the same server (even if the address is different, but links to the same place) should fix it.

edit: this is not the only issue, there is an issue with server data being relayed. If it happens just join server anyway - your client doesn't need to fetch this data to join it. I'll try looking up what is a going on.
edit2: it is this - i'll see if i can do anything about it server side to block it.

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