Some guy was being toxic and got me kicked
Name: Cosmin540
Person I'm complaining about: xAgPx1337
Type of Complaint: Behaviour
Witnesses: Everyone in the pictures below

Complaint: So this guy comes out of nowhere and starts calling me all sorts of names, calls me a slave, says stuff about my mom (sound familiar?), that I'm just some dumbass kid and other random stuff. After that he starts vote-kicking me because I was being "toxic" apparently. I hope someone will tell this guy what "toxic" means because it clearly looks like he doesn't know.

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Let me give you some translations. (they sound better in romanian so yeah they will look a bit weird in english)
First pic: Me: " "Fucking kid, slave, idiot" but I'm still the toxic one"
Second pic: Me: "You're right I shouldn't be picking on the disabled"
Him: "As I said"
Me: "I should stop talking to you"
Him: "Fuck your mom's childhood" (???)
Me: "My apologies"

Third pic: Me: "You're asking my age so you can get some better insults to throw at me"
Him: "Well you're a cunt"
Him: "Shut the fuck up and play" I would but you were the one who kept throwing random insults at me

Fourth pic: Him: "Fuck your mom you fucking passed out shit"
Me: "Smile)"
Him: "Laugh, suck my dick"
Me: "I already said it once and I'll say it again: How am I gonna do it if you don't have one?"
Him: "You are at least 14 and you suffer to me you fucking kid ill fuck you"
From the translation, it seems you were the one who started it, it doesn't matter who started it anyways.
You should learn how to ignore such people. By replying to them, you are just entertaining them.
Believe me, you'll face a whole lot of dumbass and toxic people.You can not( and should not) confront all of them.
The votekick might have been justified in the eyes of the person,but according to me, they are wrong, because they too were pretty rude.
I'll warn them, if they continue with their attitude , they'll get punished.
Thanks for the report.
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