DG_JEW abusing votekick
Your (server) name: n1cK13z_
Person complaining about: DG_JEW
Type of Complaint: Votekick abuse
Witnesses: Treat (probably), iSnowz, don't remember who else
Admin previously spoken to (if any): none
Complaint: This guy all of a sudden started to votekick me for "tank mode" and kept telling others to do it ($Y). Happened twice
his reaction when i confronted him about it: https://imgur.com/R4nn7fX
The player has been warned.
Considering that he has been behaving like crap for a long while and had a lot of warnings, the next time he does something like this will result in a two week ban.
That includes either commenting something about Jews and Nazis, constant homophobia, racism towards black people (he even combines these two into one, believe it or not... you really need to have a "special" brain for that) and any insult, whatsoever.

Thank you for the report!
[Image: post-56814-1260970238.png]
Okay, in conjunction with what I said and with what I have been shown (and it happened today), DG_JEW will be banned for two weeks for not stopping this behaviour.
[Image: post-56814-1260970238.png]
Administrative action approved.

Thank you for the report. Happy sumoing from the staff team.

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