Yeah so ... Sixty when we join the discord of sumo server there is a system that we had to wait 10 mins to type any message ... and about my new discord account Idk man I just tried to login But I Can't Because I was using an temp-mail {email} from Temp-mail.org and that email is now removed so discord said me to log in and when i put that email they said its not an valid email then i checked it on Temp-mail.org and yeah it was gone Thats why I made a new account and before i can explain anything to you in the server you banned me . because the server has a system that we should wait at least 10 mins before typing .
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ❤
That sounds like a load of shit if you ask me.
Why don't you have an actual email address, it's 2019 for fucks sake. Why are you using temp emails, you're not a black market dealer.
Why did you not dm me to explain this?
Why is this is in the complaint section?
Why are you an irritating human being that causes me extra work that I shouldn't have to do?
You need Jesus. My signature is me when I see you've made any post.
I have an email but when I made that discord account i didn't have it and from that time i was using that temp mail
I didn't dm you coz I don't know if you have blocked me or something ..
It shouldn't be in off topic right? so Complaint is better maybe.
So, Would I get Unban ?
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ❤

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