Lightwolf abusing votekick and insulting
Your (server) name: [GRE]n1cK13z_
Person complaining about: Lightwolf
Type of Complaint: Votekick abuse + insulting
Witnesses: HellasThodo
Admin previously spoken to (if any): none
Complaint: so lightwolf said i wasn't allowed to speak in my language with thodo in chat, votekicked both me and thodo because of it. later said i was insulting him in my language. he was also insulting me and thodo before that (along with his friend Vylraen and Treat), then claimed i started doing it.
Just a quick notice. I literally copy-pasted the entire part of server echo from when Treat joined and left. That is with the entire situation that preceded this shitstorm you made and how it ended. I already went through a part of it, but several people will get banned, this I swear. I'll reply here with quotes and what everyone did. And the results won't be nice as most of you are already involved in previous rumblings like this.
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(01-10-2020, 11:44 PM)Vylraen Wrote: Greetings everyone,

I have a thing or two to say about this subject. First of all, let me introduce myself briefly:

I am Vylraen. I am probably one of the older members of this community, I used to play on this server shortly after it launched (back then r4kor wasn't even an admin! Hey r4kor!) and played until roughly 2012, then I took a break from SA:MP. Some of you might remember my old nickname: Seq. (Thankfully I have recently obtained my password to this old account). 

Since I am also involved in this incident and one of the voters that resulted in server kick of Nick, I would like to explain you all "our" perspective to this. 

First of all, I must agree that "I also lost my temper at a certain point" (as seen from the screenshots), which was basically a build up of constantly getting mobbed or bullied by these two members with [GRE] in front of their name, or watching time mob and bully others. 

If you were to ask around quickly, most of the regular members would agree on the fact that Nick and HellasThodos are the "big mean bullies" of this server. They team up all the time (which is obviously against the rules "Play fair") both in the game and in chat. Say something they don't like? You will be bullied/mobbed immediately. Criticise them in with a civilised argument? They will immediately take it personally and get offended and will flame right back at you. I am pretty sure most people will back me up on this.

Now let's get a little bit specific about this incident. HellasThodos was basically "bullying" Treat, saying things such as "You are not a girl, you are just a boy" etc. Which is completely irrelevant to any of the players, Treat can share her gender wrongly or truthfully, but that does not give anyone the right to harass her. Obviously, this got Treat upset and they got into an argument. Seeing this situation and believing that Treat is a very kind and sincere person, we defended her against [GRE]. I must be rightful and state that Nick was somehow relaxed in the beginning, but eventually he also lost his temper. At a certain point, I was defending Treat, which resulted in Nick telling me to "shut my biased a**". Sadly I was not able to take a screenshot as the server was restarted shortly after this line, however perhaps Lightwolf or Treat has the screenshot for it, or admins can access and see it from chat logs. 

Anyhow, [GRE] started to talk in their native language about us three, insulting and alienizing us. The duo also threatened us quite regularly both in-game and on Discord. (You can in fact see me answering them "What if he doesn't?" etc. in one of the screenshots.)

Now although arguments may and will happen wherever people exist, these two take it to a whole new level. They harass, bully and mob more "casual" members, thinking they are above everyone else. You can even see Hellas telling me "You are just a random person", if this isn't some sort of "superiority complex", I do not know what else it is.

This is basically my "objective" interpretation of the incident. As a member of this community since more than 10 years, I have rarely seen duos this toxic, abusing and harassing. Once again, I agree that I also lost my temper at a certain point, but imagine being constantly bullied by these two, then you would lose your temper too. Might I be banned? So be it. But do we really want a duo that see themselves as superior players just because they are paying couple of euros and winning couple of more games, or do we want kind, helpful and fun people to play and enjoy SA:MP even in 2020 in a community this old? It is for the admins to decide.

(P.S. Talking about abuseful behaviour, gotta enjoy how Hellas is pausing the game not to lose the vehicle while talking to Nick )

Vylraen / Seq

while chat logs exist! i just defendedd myself i didin't start anything! this screenshot is super irrelevant cuz there is no one who trying to kill me right there! i was just taking screenshot and went off to copy paste it!

Best sumo player 2k20

First of all, what makes you so sure that we were insulting you in our language? You don't even know our language. I was just speaking Greek with Thodo like we usually do.

Second, you claim we threatened you. It was Lightwolf who threatened BOTH me and thodo to votekick us "if we spoke in our language again" and he did. You agreed with him, you said we deserved it. I made my point clear that i wasn't threatening you. I was simply saying i was gonna report you. Is that really a threat? I took action because of your friend's abuse.

Third, i did tell to you to shut your biased a**. I did lose my temper because you were defending Treat even tho she was wrong about me, you also said yourself that you were only defending her because she is your friend. Which makes you indeed biased. Treat is NOT a kind and sincere person. She turned on me out of nowhere even tho i tried to keep the spirits down between her and thodo a few minutes earlier (i did not want to choose a side) and she was crying to me in pms "why does he hate me". Also insulted me because "i was teaming" which she does all the time aswell, so this makes her hypocritical.

Edit: I'm not gonna answer to any more replies that are not from admins. This was my report.
Regardless, I won't discuss under this thread anymore, I have absolutely no intention of turning this into a pissing contest. I believe both sides have explained the incident from their own perspectives, rest is for the admins to decide.

before even some minutes! while chatlogs exist and dave is watching for them! try to stop yourself! and be batient
Best sumo player 2k20
You know what? I’ll just attach the whole Notepad document with the entire chat log since Treat joined and left so everyone can see it. Yes, you are all pointing out valid arguments.
But first things first, the biggest bullshit started a bit later, with Lightwolf joining and Treat exploding after Hellas wrote a line in Greek. Luckily for him, unless I see actual screenshots, SAMP chat displays it as random symbols that make no sense when you want to translate them in, let’s say, Google translate.

Now, onto the cast!
Treat said really offensive and salty things ranging from telling people to go to cry (I so hate to see this as it makes you look more stupid than you actually are) from telling Hellas and n1ck to go fuck themselves. And the toxic behaviour (ABOUT WHICH SHE COMPLAINED HERSELF) did continue for a while. But you can see it in the logs. Yes, Treat, you do get ticked off easily. But where are the other reports for their shitty behaviour? I don’t see them at all. All the complaints I get is to my personal DMs on Discord and not even from you, Treat. So, never complaining officially about it and now suddenly losing your temper and going all-out on them does not make you fall in the right. (I actually never heard any of this hate on n1ck and Hellas that was mentioned in the replies by Vyl, for example). No, instead of that, you’ve just joined them in the gutter with a lack of decency, self-discipline and rude manners. I will let you off with a warning and ONLY because I was a couple of times IG when you were provoked (not by them, but some other people). But please, listen to yourself and take some time off. Calm down or the next time I see something like this, you’ll get a 3 day ban. And I’ll reply in your words that you said today: I don’t care what you think.

Mostly what Vylraen said is what the logs show. Furthermore, the screenshots you posted, n1ck, show that Hellas was being mean in your language, two lines (on the 3rd screenshot to be precise) can be translated to:

"I'll make this on purpose to get on his nerves"
"Go fuck yourself"

So, what is this about being nice and not rude at all? And not instigating anything?
But really, the funniest thing is that n1ck actually didn’t start any of this. It all started properly between Hellas writing something in Greek and Treat acted like he killed her whole fucking family. About her being a boy or a girl. Come on. Grow the fuck up. During those couple of moments, however, n1ck did try to defuse the situation by telling Treat and Hellas “to stop talking to each other.”

And then who decides to join in on the convo? Lightwolf! Why? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS! Why did he start acting like he’s the admin and is the real deal around here and a know-it-all? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS! But the chat logs do show that the real shit storm started when he got involved. So, one word of advice. If things like these do not directly involve you, DON’T. GET. INVOLVED. Nothing good comes out of that.
Yes, teaming is against the rules when it is against the “play fair” rule. What does that mean? It means that if half of the server population (50%) is working together in one team, then that is not fair to the rest. From what I see, there were more people so them two teaming does not break that rule.
Also, Lightwolf. All languages are allowed in the chat. Now, unless we see their proper translations of it or the actual alphabetical writing so we can translate it ourselves, you have NO RIGHT to tell people to stop writing in their language and switch onto English. You don’t have the RIGHT to call them freaks if they don’t speak English. I, sometimes, speak with people from the Balkan area in Croatian. Guess I’m a freak, guys! But yeah, a warning for you. Do something like this again and it’s a 24-hour ban.

Now, at that time, when Lightwolf said his stuff, Vylraen got involved as well. About how he is smarter than the two of them combined, etc. Dude, I saw what you were trying to do, especially from your forum replies. But that was a wrong approach. You’ll get a warning. Please, don’t do it again. Treat continued with her rant and bullshit: “Hellas is a retard” “Says you, toxic lil kid”
I could go on and on. Who should actually be blamed here? Who should be punished? You were all in the end rude to each other, saying mean things and shifting blame from one to another. If we wanted to make this fair, Hellas, n1ck and Treat should get bans, while the rest should go with warnings. Why Treat? I wrote why. She said the most insults tbh.

Really, all your replies, nothing reflects how things actually started. You all started throwing blame and evidence from when the conflict was already going quite well. Now, that is biased, if you ask me.

You guys also mentioned previous rule breakings and bad behaviour from n1ck and Hellas. I am very sorry but where are the reports, where are the complaints, where are the videos, where are the screenshots? I would gladly take everything into consideration but not without solid proof. I can’t act on the only proof being the spoken word. This is not how we do it.

A final decision will come later after another admin checks the logs attached and gives his input.

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Also, I don't want to make this look like Treat is the ultimate bad guy. I wrote what she did wrong. The reasons that got her ticked off here is that she was told to quit and she was called a boy. Now, some people do find this offensive. I know that many people wouldn't. Furthermore, what Vyl showed... Hellas and n1ck, in the end, did end up with being the worst of the whole lot. Thus, I would like an additional input on this.
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anyway! agree with everything u say! before this happens! me nick and treat we were pretty good friends!! she just joined and we tried to make her feel better! and then ---- anyway it was between me nick and treat! thats why she joined ! to talk to us! i dont understand the role of vylreyn!! his behavior was like he wanted us to keep fighting! and while he is so old member he shoudn't be part of it! cuz none asked him!even now me with nick we would be able to talk with treat and solve it but BETWEEN US!!! last post by me
Best sumo player 2k20

In that final screenshot before i didn't exactly say "i'm doing it to get on his nerves" it was more like "i'm doing it on purpose to see his reaction" because he had already threatened me before to stop speaking my own language and jumping to conclusions. Did i break a rule there? Not really. It's my right to speak my language, no matter if it triggers some people. Yes, i did also tell him to go f**k himself, after he said "i will kick you again if you repeat it once" and i assure you that was the only thing i said in Greek that you can count as flame. I was pissed after all that had occured. Who is he to forbid me from speaking a language?

I can post several screenshots of thodo and i speaking Greek in other moments and translate them so you can see there wasn't any flame other than that moment.
there no role for u to be taken! im happy how u protect ur (FRIEND)that u met before 3 minutes!its like u are classmates with my sister and u want to protect her by me while i have small fight with her! keep up the good work! hope u to make the world better
Best sumo player 2k20
And now when things were starting to calm down. There is no need for such remarks and/or behaviour. What I would like best is if you can solve this between each other. And not with half of you ending up with bans.
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