Iskander (Racism - Harassment)
Iskander's behaviour is astonishing. The guy just fucking insults people. He called Seq a ''German Pussy'' and ''Pussy German''. Called [GRE] ''Pussy team'' multiple times. And started some thing about how the USSR killed the nazis ''[5] Iskander: my grandgrandfather he killed fukin germanynazi in europe))))''. I did mute him once a 20 minutes ago because of his behaviour.
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Iskander has been playing here for quite a while, but that doesn't change the fact he hasn't read the /rules which say - No Racism.

I was aware of his racist comments. He was warned twice, muted twice, reported twice.
He needs some time off sumo to learn some manners, because, as of now his behavior, comments are not at all likeable.

Thanks for the report, Iskander will be off sumo for 2 days.
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