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Next time GRE family say look /top, make them see this

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I'm not sure what's the point of this post but okay.
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(01-29-2020, 09:17 PM)Redirect Left Wrote: [Image: WIN-20200129-21-15-28-Pro.jpg]

nice hoody, pal.
lmao i'm dead. meanwhile we were dueling the whole time we were in the sv alone if you check the logs Big Grin
in other news the sky is blue! HHAAHHAHHAAH
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They are alone in the server doesn't automatically mean they are farming wins or something. As they said, they were dueling.

But yes, they are on top. There's a good thing about it though, I'm in top 5 too..... ... .. .
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we were dueling with nick btw! chat logs are free to be shared to everyone! and while we were dueling an admin joined with name toybox? toyboy or someth and he was witness! u can ask him if u want! then and portallen joined u can ask and him aswell
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