votekick abuse
I was votekicked for no reason. If two players in the picture do not get banned, i will abuse the votekick anytime I want.

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Okay, stay calm.
1.) You posted it in the wrong board. This is the server discussion. We do have a Complaints board. Come on, it's not that hard to at least post stuff in the appropriate sections. And then people make fun of me for being blind, smh... also, the lack of the proper complaints template.
2.) LekoTek is a constant rule-breaker and I have dealt with him a couple of times myself. He will be banned for three days. If he does that again, it's going to be a week. Etc, etc.
3.) I won't ban the second player at all as your screenshot does not say what BlueEyes (who is also Deathrow, but he constantly refuses to return to his original account since I banned his arse for being a toxic lad) did or did not do...
He only wrote "Ez" twice and he does that all the time, anyways. Unless you offer some additional proof of what he did against you, nothing shall be done against him.

Thanks bringing this to our attention.

Also, fix your attitude. You won't demand anything here from the admin team. When people break the rules, we punish them accordingly. And thank you for leaving a written statement that you are ready to break the rules if things don't go your way. That's good to know. Please, refrain yourself from acting like the very people you are reporting here.

UPDATE: Seems that BlueEyes decided to prove it himself, as he just got banned by ProNick for abusing /votekick and insulting people (not surprised tbh)
[Image: post-56814-1260970238.png]
Also you've now told us you're willing to abuse something for petty ass reasons.
Make sure you don't become even a slight annoyance to any admins or mods, because you're now on the 'ban for anything minor' list.

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