Pause abuse
Your (server) name: QuickDeath
Person complaining about: StryHinja
Type of Complaint: Cheating
Witnesses: None
Admin previously spoken to (if any): None
Pausing to multi hit and avoiding death btw he was banned for the same reason before and he is still doing that. (1) (2) (3)
Was about to file a complaint myself.
The guys were teaming too, StryHinja with SvenHR.
Here's a quick complication of their shenanigans.
OH and if you look closely on chat the guy is also extremely toxic.
Both of them have been doing it for months, by now they definitely know it's against the rules. I will ban them both for 24 hours. If it happens again I will increase the ban length next time, since he is / they are also being toxic.
I don't even need to hear a reply from their side.

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