Hi, i dont know if it is votekick abuse or what, but i was playing with voodoo and Resurectionremix and i know that somethimes my ping is very bad, but this time it was more stable, with 200 -230. Voodoo, has even more ping than me but Resurection started complaining of my ping, i think out of frustration but idk why, because voodoo was first with me too in that round and Resurection just noticed on me.

So far so good, but in the next round he made a vote to kick me as seen in the images and with his vote, he expelled me, despite not having a high ping.

I dont want problems, i have to apologize with the people that feels angry for my lag, i cant do anything, i wish that i have a good conection too haha. I just want to play and have fun, dont kick me please.

Viva sumo server!

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Player has been warned.

Also, please use the correct format to report a player. Else in the future any reports which are not formatted correctly won't be entertained.
Ok, thanks and sorry Sad
No worries. Also, you weren't being scolded so no need to be sorry lol.
The server will handle high pings itself and kick players for it itself, players should not votekick people for it, and just learn how to attack players with high ping.

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