How to fix Z-Fighting on your sumo maps
What is Z-Fighting?

Quote:"Z-fighting, also called stitching, is a phenomenon in 3D rendering that occurs when two or more primitives have very similar distances to the camera. This would cause them to have near-similar or identical values in the z-buffer, which keeps track of depth."

Tl;dr: Flickering textures cuz they be overlappin'

[Image: JF6EQ9X.gif]

Why is it happening on your maps?

Most likely you are copying/cloning your objects/props and either due to limitation or intentional positioning your two objects overlap.

How do you fix it?

You probably guessed it, by changing the Z_coordinate.

Example: Your object's position Z: 77.2998900205 my advice is to lower or increase the 4th decimal by 4 or 5 so it will be 77.2993900205. (this might depend on what object u are using so the value could differ.

Why should you do it?

Because your maps look like seizure inducing failed rave parties and on some the texture flick so much you'd think a unicorn's vomit came to life and has its own tiny world war battle royal

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